Top 10 Ways to Improve SpongeBob SquarePants

The Top Ten

1 Make SpongeBob Funny Instead of Corny

That would make the show better

2 Hire Back Stephen Hillenburg

Stephen Hillenburg already is creating the entire series of SpongeBob

They did

3 Take Away the New Songs

Yeah instead have more tiny Tim

Those new songs are bad

4 Stop the Characters From Crying
5 Bring Back the Old Writers

So they can make it more interesting

6 Make Squidward Deaf
7 Remove Sandy From the Show
8 Make Graphics Better
9 Release a Second Movie

Wow people still think SB sucks they only thing that sucks is the people who say SB sucks. And the 2nd movie is in 2015 DUH the news has been out for a while join SpongeBuddyMania to find out but if you hate new SB then you will be hated on SBM. - toy

10 Kill Mr. Krabs

The Contenders

11 Make Sandy Funnier
12 Make Mr. Krabs Blind and Deaf
13 Make Squidward Wear Pants
14 Make Ms. Puff Shut Up
15 Make the Chum Bucket Be a Good Restaurant While The Krusty Krab Is a Bad Restaurant
16 Add Yoshi From Mario
17 Fire Derek Drymon for re-creating Spongebob

I'm not joking! Derek Drymon is the new creator of Spongebob.

18 Take Away Paul Tibbitt
19 Make Season 10 More Like Season 3
20 Make the Fishes Look Different
21 Bring back the old characters
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