Top 10 Ways to Improve Teen Titans Go!

Even though I like Teen Titans Go, it has several problems. Here are ways to make the show better.

The Top Ten

1 Add character development

There are several awesome cartoons that lack character development. Just look at Spongebob and Loony Tunes. You need to think of better reasons, which is why I don't like this list. Sorry - SocialMediaStinks

2 Begin a story arc

It's doesn't have to be as serious as the original show. However, it would be cool see a recurring theme for several episodes.

3 Make Raven x Beast Boy canon and take it somewhat seriously

This is one way that Go could surpass the original series. Perhaps they could further develop this relationship is ways that the original never did.

4 Have Slade return for real
5 Stop trying to piss off fans of the original show

The Amazing World of Gumball trolls the viewers sometimes, but doesn't insult them - SocialMediaStinks

6 Make Robin less of an attention-seeking jerk

He can be a control freak. That's something many people can relate to, including me, but quiet him down a little and let him show moments of compassion to others. That how seasons 1-3 Spongebob Mr. Krabs was. - SocialMediaStinks

7 Make Beast Boy less stupid

He can be stupid, but make him less of a jerk - SocialMediaStinks

8 Stop making episodes weird just for the sake of being weird


9 Listen to some of the criticism that the show gets

EpicJake called me a dumb a but I know that I'm stupid and just kept going. My point is, not a good reason - SocialMediaStinks

10 Stop trying to make the show stupid for the sake of being stupid

Already on here, just different words - SocialMediaStinks

The Contenders

11 Make Robin and Starfire a real couple
12 Make Raven stop punching Beast Boy
13 Have more romance
14 Longer episodes
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