Top 10 Ways To Improve TheTopTens in 2020

Well Here We Go Again... I know it’s a bit early for this list but TheTopTens has been a chaotic mess in 2019. There’s several problems that need to be fixed. The 2010’s are almost over so let’s kick off the new decade with a high note. With that here’s some ways to help fix the biggest problems with this site’s community or what’s left of it anyway.

The Top Ten Ways To Improve TheTopTens in 2020

1 More innovative content

Honestly lists feel more and more bland and uninspired. Think outside the box people! I get it’s hard but come on be original and actually put effort into your content Goddammit! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a good list idea but zero effort went into it. Even some of my remixes have more effort put into them. - Randomator

2 Regain motivation

This is beginning to be a huge problem even I have experienced. This site needs to somehow get rid of the staleness. Combine that with real life issues and several veterans are becoming burned out and don’t have the same energy as they used to. If there was a way to regain that momentum and motivation maybe the content will improve as well? - Randomator

3 Improve leadership in the community

Honestly the community here is bone dry. There’s barely any sense of community here anymore. Ever since the rustlers retirement. The community has been pretty much dead. If we want to keep a community someone has to step up and be a leader. Otherwise is there really a community at this point? - Randomator

4 More unique users

Let’s be honest late Gen 19 and Gen 20 have sucked. There’s too many users who are unoriginal and make content that is average at best. Also not to mention boring personalities. Have you seen Gen 20? This Gen is so bland, flat, and uninteresting. Gen 19 isn’t much better. I mean come on find something nobody else really talks about and go into depth with it. - Randomator

5 Less hypersensitivity

Me: You Should Be More Respectful!
Visitor from One of My Lists: High-Pitch Demonic Screaming

This isn't reddit. If you're a leftist looking for a safe space from the alt-right, use reddit.

Seriously you can’t go anywhere without someone else being offended because someone says they support Donald Trump or they don’t care about the LGBT community! It’s ridiculous! This website is not a safe space. If you can’t handle other people’s opinions then do us all a favor and leave - Randomator

6 Bring back the search bar for Users and Lists

You can still search users in the search users bar, but you can't use U: (insert user) anymore. Was there even a reason for admin to delete it? As for lists, I can't even find some lists because when I search for a certain list, it doesn't even show that list. - Userguy44

The feature isn't removed; the shortcut of searching users was removed, you can still find users at the search page.

I feel like this was more helpful than people gave it credit for. Sure it’s not the best but it was fine. I don’t understand why it was removed. Unless they fix it but even then why would they remove it? It doesn’t make sense to me - Randomator

7 Suspensions with a logical understanding

There needs to be a consistent system when it comes to suspensions. Most of the time they come without warning and with very little explanation. Also why are some users getting like a month while repeat offenders who deserve to be banned get a few weeks? There’s no consistency. At least make punishments consistent based on what the problem was and if they are a first time offense or repeatedly doing the same thing. - Randomator

8 Less bandwagoners

Honestly Bandwagoners are everywhere and it’s really annoying and unoriginal enough said - Randomator

9 Less stat padding

Look I get you want good stats but there comes a point when it becomes ridiculous. Submitting a bunch of low quality lists with little effort is annoying and needs to stop. This site has become contaminated with lists with no descriptions or comments which is a shame because some of these lists have potential. Expand on your ideas. Explain. Go into detail just put some effort and don’t do it just for stats. - Randomator

10 More blog posts/blog post series

Yeah hate to say it but there needs to be more variety. Most posts nowadays are either reviews or sports posts by the same few users. It’s not that hard if you get a good idea you can rally the community together. Case in point Murder in the Mansion. That’s a good example of what to do for a post series - Randomator

The Newcomers

? Make a random list button
? Fewer users requesting account deletions

The Contenders

11 Less troll feeding

Why was my comment removed? Anyway Troll Feeding has always been an issue but yeah most trolls here nowadays are unoriginal and rip-offs. Best thing to do is ignore them. Don’t feed them because It gives them attention and that’s what they want. Don’t add fuel to the fire - Randomator

It’s almost always been an issue but yeah If you see an obvious troll just ignore them. A lot of them are terrible rip-off trolls nowadays. Whatever you do don’t feed them. That’s only giving them what they want and adds fuel to the fire. Just ignore them if anything honestly - Randomator

12 Self moderated lists become more prominently used

Just Try and be More Original! Be your own You, Yes, Be your Own You! (Can You Guess What Cartoon I'm Quoting? (HINT: It's a CN Show)

Why is my comment not approving? Anyway I’m so sick and tired of seeing unoriginal self moderated lists with little if any effort put into them. Lists like “Worst YouTube Channels” “Best Video Games” etc. There’s this thing called REMIXES! The only thing self Moderated lists are useful for is preventing trolls from adding irrelevant items to your lists. If anything Remixes take LESS effort! I disagree with this item - Randomator

Here’s the thing is you actually have to put effort into them. Hate to sound like a broken record but seriously a lack of effort into lists is annoying dull and uninteresting. If you use them right trolls can’t ruin your lists as easily. - Randomator

Let’s be honest here self moderated lists are essentially just a free pass to be unoriginal. REMIXES EXIST FOR A REASON PEOPLE! The only thing they’re useful for is making lists that trolls can’t add irrelevant items. That’s literally their only good use. I’m sick and tired of seeing self Moderated lists with zero effort like “ best YouTubers” “Worst Video games” “Best Movies” flood the site. - Randomator

Or Non-Voteable Lists with No Reasoning Whatsoever. I Know One User Who Does This All the Time.

13 Higher quality lists

Tying into the previous point there needs to be more high quality lists. I can’t tell you how many lists I’ve seen that have literally nothing. Can you be more unoriginal? If you want to make lists at least put some effort into them. I mean jeez it’s not that hard - Randomator

14 Less vote bots

It’s always been an issue but nonetheless it needs to be fixed. I actually support captchas for VISITORS. Yes I said captchas. NOT for users! But if they use it for VISITORS it might eliminate some of the problem - Randomator

Witch Probably Explains Everything.

15 Stop attention seeking

Look I get it you want people to recognize your content but don’t go shoving it in people’s faces. Just be patient they will find it eventually. Even I don’t get many votes on my lists and I’ve been here since 2017. Not attention seeking but my point is it takes time. Trust the process. And don’t beg for followers either. If anything doing that turns people away from following you in the first place. And followers don’t mean much outside of reputation - Randomator

16 No censorship

This Completely Counters Number 18. (Have you heard of the N Word? ) (Fun Fact: This is the Only one I Disagree with).

Yeah I mean come on this is the Internet! We should be allowed to swear! Imagine a website that has administrators who don’t let you swear and censors every other word you say because someone finds it “Offensive”
Only TheTopTens - Randomator

As Much as I Hate Swearing with An Ungodly Burning Passion, At Least Have Words Like (A*s) or (H**l). Bu the F, s, or the N Words NO WAY! But All the Calm Words Can be Allowed.

Actually Now if you think About it, most Swear Word Once Weren't Even Swear Words. A*s is Male Donkey, B***h is a Female Dog, N***o is Spanish for Black, H**l is Man's Common Grave (Or Whatever You Believe),
D**k is Another Name For Richard (And Did I Mention that's the Name of a 90's CHILDREN STUDIO?), and Fr**k Only Means Creeper.

17 Less spamming

Both comments and posts. Specifically posts are a bigger issue because they’re so annoying. Literally nobody cares about you making a post saying “Minecraft is the best! ”
It’s annoying and nobody cares enough said - Randomator

18 More humor

Well part of the problem is hypersensitive snowflakes that get offended over every other word someone says. We can bring humor back if you guys learn to take a damn joke - Randomator

19 Less blatant racism and nationalism

I agree with the racism part but what exactly is wrong with showing support for one’s own country? If someone Likes America under Donald Trump so be it. - Randomator

20 Stricter comment approval system

Not necessarily more strict just more consistency. TWO of my comments on this list alone didn’t appear. And it was for no reason either. It would be nice if there was more consistency or clarification between What’s deemed acceptable or not - Randomator

21 Do not merge controversial lists
22 Have an App

I guess it would be delightful. - Kevinsidis

23 Not make all the items on one page anymore
24 Fix the member score system

I’m not against the idea of a member score. I just wish it was improved. For example, I don’t know if anything like this has happened to you guys but you make like 3 HQ lists and 2 HQ posts thinking oh boy my member score is gonna go up by a lot! Then you see it moved up maybe by 3. It doesn’t make sense why. If you put effort into your content shouldn’t you get more points? Feels kinda disappointing doing so much and get so little in return. Another good idea is reward us with member score points if we hit a milestone (Ex: 200 lists, 1,000 comments, 1,000 remixes, 300 followers, etc) it’s also making the member score more meaningful - Randomator

25 Add a chatroom
26 More Lists Out of Obscure Franchises
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