Top Ten Ways to Improve the United States

The U.S. is definitely a powerful country, but it is crumbling. How can we fix it? This list will give details, although it is the governments job in taking care of America. But I thought this list will help anyway.

The Top Ten

1 Help more people attend college

I feel like the costs should just be lowered because it should't be around 1,000 dollars for a cheap college for one class. You also have to buy the books also.

That "college is what helps you become a smart citizen" is an an allegation easily refuted by visiting any random college and asking any random "student" what color the sky is.

The sky is blue because the molecules from the sun scatter through out the sky. - RiverClanRocks

College is what helps you become a smart citizen. Without college, we wouldn't be that smart, and it could affect jobs and other things.

2 Stop violence

It's well-established that poverty does not cause crime, but rather that crime causes poverty.

It's kind of both, actually. If you don't have a good house or enough money, naturally, you would resort to stealing to get what you need. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Per racism comment. - RiverClanRocks

What are the causes of violence? Poverty is one of them. Areas in the U.S. with higher poverty rates could mean more violence. Helping the poor out could help reduce violence.

3 Donate more money to charities and to the poor

America has many poor citizens. We should help donate money to them and to charities. Just looking at poor people or seeing how they act is just very sad to watch.

It should be no surprise that Americans give by far the most total money to charity worldwide. What is not widely known is that the US is second only to the country of Myanmar [90 percent Buddhist] for per capita giving, and percentage of income giving.
Interestingly, Atlanta is the best, at 6-9 percent of discretionary income, and San Francisco the worst, at 3-4 percent.
Canada and New Zealand are close, but European nations are far behind.

4 Provide more opportunities

"Amenities? " Don't use words whose meaning you don't understand.

More amenities, jobs, stores, etc could help America a lot as well.

5 Find ways to stop global warming

We can make it less severe but only mother nature can do anything about it.

Its another common problem with America, and the entire Earth. We should find ways to help reduce global warming. If we didn't, Earth could be burned to a crisp in millions of years.

Global warming is a perfectly natural occurrence. - RiverClanRocks

Someone's doing a fine job warping your mind.

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6 Be more generous

21 TRILLION taxpayer dollars spent in 50 years of the "War On Poverty," and the poverty rate hasn't improved one iota. In fact, it's gotten worse. Think it just might be the wrong approach? It's curious that people with no understanding of an issue and its history think their "opinion" is worth attention.

Giving the poor money, helping people out, and lots of other things that is generous would help the country out a lot, in my opinion.

7 Stop racism

In case you haven't noticed, many Republicans and Independents also think Trump is racist. Also, his policies weren't taken seriously until he became a serious candidate. He has actually run for the Democratic nomination before but never got very far because we didn't like him even when he was on our side. I'll freely admit there are racists in the Democratic Party. The difference is we make sure they never become our candidates.

Racism is a common problem in America, especially in the South. If we help reduce that, the South and America itself would be a happier place. I mean think about it, if Martin Luther King didn't exist, Blacks would be poor and sad, its unbearable. We should find ways to stop racism.

It is especially curious that Donald Trump was famous for over 30 years, and although thought of as pretty bombastic, was NEVER accused of any kind of being a racist.
Suddenly he runs against the Democrat party, and he is the worst thing ever.

People are gonna be racist. No matter how hard you try to change it, some people are just going to be jerks. - RiverClanRocks

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8 Use electricity wisely


9 Ban guns

America is not the only country that has criminals with guns. But you have guns in the shops. Its known for shooting.

You actually think criminals follow gun laws? You must be a special kind of stupid. - BrideiMacBella

Guns nowadays only have one cardinal purpose: to kill. Besides, most guns used in shootings were obtained through legal means. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Everyone is turning their guns on eachother, more people are dying because of guns. - Catacorn

10 Recycle

In most cases, it would be more efficient and economically beneficial to burn garbage to produce energy.

Imagine you live in a place full of garbage. that's what America and the world could be like if we didn't recycle often.

The Newcomers

? Stop rich white men from being in power
? Medicare for All

The Contenders

11 Decrease deforestation

There are some areas in America where forests are being cut down, and trees help provide oxygen to the area. If every tree in the world were gone, there would be much less oxygen.

12 Kick California out

No! Are a you person who put this on here!

13 Impeach Donald Trump

Should be in first place. - KalloFox34

14 Give men and women equal rights

Equal payment. Oh you just want to attack feminists.

OP, please set your clocks forward 90 years. - NewEngland

Ugh that's already happened. - htoutlaws2012

They have them now.

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15 Ban Islam

It is a religion that preaches violence and death

16 Smaller government

More power to the states, less federal government.

17 Kick out Florida
18 Have a Military Junta
19 Kick out New England and New York

Do you realise its also England and York with New as the first word.

20 Vote straight-ticket Democrat
21 Use the metric system

It's simpler

22 Get rid of pollution
23 Stop being addicted to phones

Your mum gey

24 Kick Out Ohio
25 Kick Mississippi and Texas out
26 Become a feminist
27 Elect better politicians
28 Kick out Hawaii and Alaska

The only states I want to kick out and no other states besides those two.

29 Ban hate groups
30 Stop obesity
31 Ban SJWs
32 Like Trump
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