Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Basketball Team

The Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Basketball Team

1 Get rid of bad players
2 You want to try to get a veteran player

The older players can provide great experience but you also want championship players - Love2storm

3 Get young players
4 Old players should teach new players
5 Mix your young and old players
6 Get a good coach
7 Build chemistry
8 Don't trade picks
9 Win games

Of course but that will happen after the team buildment - Love2storm

10 Get good staff members

The Contenders

11 Your Players Must Be Offensive Or Defensive
12 Get a coach with experience

An example would be the Cleveland Cavaliers. I am not saying that they won't win the championship, but after grabbing LeBron and Kevin Love they get a rookie coach? Really? - Bronson

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