Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Member Score On TheTopTens

Recently there has been a fantastic change to the site introducing new stats pages and scores/levels for members. How can you increase your member score? Look here for help.

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1 Make lots of comments

Most effective way. I once added 600 comments in a day and my member score was raised with 48 member points! - darthvadern

Definitely the easiest way to do so - Randomator

Thanks for the advice. Now I'm going to make tons of comments. And I already thought I had enough comments. - MarioMaster101

You can start by spamming every item on this list with useless comments nobody wants to read. - shadomatrix

2 Make a lot of remixes

Guess I should remix this list than - RogerMcBaloney

It’s not too hard to do - Randomator

I love remixing - darthvadern

See my comment on no. 1.

3 Create a wider range of lists

We have enough music lists on the site (and most aren't even that good). Diversify your profile, and make high quality lists. - shadomatrix

I try my best to have some variety - Randomator

Diversify your profile. - Archived

I mostly do video game, movie, world and internet related lists - darthvadern

4 Create a popular list to make lots of votes

Took me quite a while to make any that really seemed to strike a chord with people. - truckturner

But it's hard to make popular lists. :/ - Misfire

But what if no one ever visits your list.? - MrCoolC

Yes - darthvadern

5 Make more high quality lists

There is a reason I don't make a lot of lists on this site. It's hard to come up with original ideas for a list that would work. The best lists are the ones that the user actually put effort into creating, with detailed descriptions, original ideas, and good reasoning.

Pro tip: Don't try to make hundreds of lists every month or have a release schedule (new lists every friday). Only release lists when they're done. - shadomatrix

Make sure to go into detail with your description - Randomator

I don't even know if mine counts as high-quality - darthvadern

I should do this. - Userguy44

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6 Give your own comment a thumbs up

So everyone will know how desperate you are for attention. - shadomatrix

I only do that by accident. I'm not doing it on purpose. - Misfire

I only do that when I write good comments that I think deserve likes - sadical

I do it sometimes

7 Visit the site more

This doesn't do anything. - shadomatrix

Well, not to be arrogant but at the moment (early 2019) I am like the most active user here along with htoutlaws2012 - darthvadern

Doesn’t directly improve your score - Randomator

Doesn’t improve your member score. - Userguy44

8 Add a bunch of images to every item you see that says "Add Image"

Well the thing is it takes an eternity for images to upload - Randomator

Oh, okay. Cool! - Misfire

But the problem with this is having to download the images.

Actually the bigger picture is that after you have gathered those picture you gotta wait. Depending if that is in a few days, or a few hours, or even weeks. - htoutlaws2012

9 Make more high quality posts

I've thought about making some blog posts recently, but I don't know what to write about. - shadomatrix

I try to make high quality posts but they don't work

I don't plan on making posts! - Misfire

I don't have too many of these - darthvadern

10 Follow a bunch of users and expect them to follow you back

Again, this shows how desperate users are for attention. You have to earn followers. - shadomatrix

How do you expect to follow back? - Userguy44

Eh. - Misfire

I'm very picky with being the first in the "follow exchanges", but I *usually* follow back. - Ashes

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1. Make a lot of remixes
2. Make lots of comments
3. Create a wider range of lists
1. Make a lot of remixes
2. Make lots of comments
3. Create a wider range of lists
1. Make a lot of remixes
2. Make lots of comments
3. Make more high quality lists

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