Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Member Score On TheTopTens

Recently there has been a fantastic change to the site introducing new stats pages and scores/levels for members. How can you increase your member score? Look here for help.

The Top Ten

1 Make lots of comments

I am going to need a lot of comments. If you see me make a really short comment saying "this is stupid" or something like that, it was probably to get more member score.

That is the definition of what a low quality comment is actually, but nevertheless that's kinda true. - htoutlaws2012

I just commented for that purpose...

Actually there's a difference between super short comments and long comments. - zxm

Yes indeed there is a greater outcome between low, and high quality comments, and we can see right through them. - htoutlaws2012

So you earn points by adding nonsense and BS that no one wants to read. What a system. Stfu

Of course an opinion you detest upon searching through 1 billions of comments you see on this site very well frustrated visitor. - htoutlaws2012

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2 Make a lot of remixes

See my comment on no. 1.

3 Create a wider range of lists

See my comment on no. 2.

4 Create a popular list to make lots of votes

I'm so lucky I have created some popular lists - paasadani

This is the hardest thing to do.

5 Make more high quality posts

I need to make more posts, but the stupid problems wouldn't let me.

I keep on doing this!

For every 10 HQ posts you make, you get 35 points in your member score.

6 Add a bunch of images to every item you see that says "Add Image"

But the problem with this is having to download the images.

Actually the bigger picture is that after you have gathered those picture you gotta wait. Depending if that is in a few days, or a few hours, or even weeks. - htoutlaws2012

7 Give your own comment a thumbs up

There is no way this could happen.

Well its possible to earn respect from peers, and not know who dislikes you're work. No longer does the thumbs down feature like has in the past which I find to be sad. It does put you back to neutral, but not in the vain of negative. - htoutlaws2012

8 Make more high quality lists
9 Visit the site more
10 Follow a bunch of users and expect them to follow you back
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