Top Ten Ways to Irritate Your Parents

The Top Ten

Say quack every time they talk
Follow them around
When they are in a hurry to get out of the house, block their way

I think that they would get very irritated from that.

Sing a song they hate
Make a mess
When they are sleeping wake them and say my goldfish is drowning...
Mock them
Watch a movie with them and when a part they like comes on skip it
Yell at the TV

My T.V. is old so it has lines in it (but my parents won't buy a new one) so I gently slap/smack/hit it to make the lines go away and it does not work

Make believe mud is food and have them eat it

If I actually did that to my Mum, she will get very angry at me.

The Contenders

Listen to a band they hate
Play your favorite songs over and over again

I am obsessed with Andy Lau (a singer from Hong Kong) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE his songs. I listen to them non-stop most of the time, and it annoys my mom sometimes.

Blast your music really loud
Turn up the TV at a loud volume
Talk to yourself
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