Ways That Jessie (McJuggernuggets) Screwed Up In "Psycho Kid Submerges"

The Top Ten Ways That Jessie (McJuggernuggets) Screwed Up In "Psycho Kid Submerges"

1 He kept yelling at his friends

Yes and he apologized to them and they forgave him. You guys should do the same.

2 He managed to even piss off most of the Juggies

I seem to be the only one who forgives him.

3 He made himself look worse than his dad
4 Jessie actually managed to make Jeffery look like the good guy

No, bot Jesse and Jeffrey were in the wrong this time.

5 He took revenge too far once again

Sometimes revenge is good. - PokemonGOSucks

6 Uncle Larry wasn't there

No uncle larry, no happy juggie :(

7 He made us believe the video was real

You know what's funny? When Jeffrey did something bad (examples: burning Jesse's Halo helmet, burning Jesse's couch and Uncle Larry's sign, destroying Jesse's T.V., smashing their dad's trophies and framing Jesse for it), people believed it was fake, but when Jesse did something bad (example: making his friends submerge Jeffrey's motorcycle and yelling at them) people believed it was real and started hating on Jesse.

It's fake guys. Calm down

8 He has a girlfriend?!!!
9 He destroyed something over $2000 and Jeffrey only painted his car pink for a prank

It was also because Jeffrey lied to Jesse about getting him a sound system. There is more to it than meets the eye.

10 He looked ugly

When he screamed his hair and shirt made him looks like a 4 year old

Or he is ugly - PokemonGOSucks

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