Top 10 Ways Jimmy Neutron is Better Than Johnny Test

The Top Ten Ways Jimmy Neutron is Better Than Johnny Test

1 Jimmy Neutron has more likable characters


Jimmy Neutron is simpy the best cartoon show ever! It has everything packed into one show.

2 Johnny Test is boring
3 Jimmy has more friends while Johnny only has a dog as his best friend
4 Jimmy Neutron is more entertaining
5 Jimmy Neutron is funnier
6 Johnny Test is repetitive
7 Jimmy Neutron doesn't rip off anything

So jimmy neutron is better than Rollie Polly olly

Jimmy Neutron is just a a ripoff of Rollie Pollie Ollie

8 Jimmy Neutron has better animation
9 Jimmy doesn't whine or complain like Johnny does
10 Jimmy Neutron has smarter characters

Jimmy is smarter than you, dumb Johnny! - Croy987

The Contenders

11 Jimmy is not annoying
12 Jimmy Neutron is older than Johnny Test
13 Jimmy is smarter
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