Top 10 Ways Jimmy Neutron is Better Than Johnny Test

The Top Ten

Jimmy Neutron has more likable characters


Jimmy Neutron is simpy the best cartoon show ever! It has everything packed into one show.

Johnny Test is boring
Jimmy has more friends while Johnny only has a dog as his best friend
Jimmy Neutron is more entertaining
Jimmy Neutron is funnier
Johnny Test is repetitive
Jimmy Neutron doesn't rip off anything

So jimmy neutron is better than Rollie Polly olly

Jimmy Neutron is just a a ripoff of Rollie Pollie Ollie

Jimmy Neutron has better animation
Jimmy doesn't whine or complain like Johnny does
Jimmy Neutron has smarter characters

Jimmy is smarter than you, dumb Johnny! - Croy987

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Jimmy is not annoying
Jimmy Neutron is older than Johnny Test
Jimmy is smarter
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