Top 10 Ways Justice League Could Improve on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Spoilers for Batman V Superman.

Batman V Superman was a divisive film, some loved it- some hated it. I 'm in between, I thought it was okay however it was a huge disappointment as it was my most anticipated film (even more than Star Wars). This is the theatrical cut, not the Ultimate Edition.

With Justice League coming out next year, here are ways that Justice League could benefit from Dawn Of Justice.

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1 Get The Character Of Superman Right

I'm on board for a different Superman, I think Henry Cavill is great as superman and I liked his portrayal in Man Of Steel (which I thought was great). However I still think that Cavill is great as Superman in Batman V Superman, I just didn't like the way his character was written. In BVS, He feels like he's being superman just for the sake of it and the only person he wants to save is Lois. In Justice League, I want him to be portrayed as a guy who's trying to do the right thing- someone with hope and not just for the sake of it. - idontknow

2 Keep Bold Decisions

At the end of BVS, Superman dies, for the first time in the big screen or in live action- Superman dies, It was a bold and brave decision and it made sense, a little early, yeah. However, the last shot of this movie confirms that Superman is alive and it bugged me because the filmmakers were not brave enough to kill of Superman.
An argument could be made that he had to come back alive for the Justice League, simple solution: don't kill of Superman and don't resurrect him if he's dead as it loses jeopardy for his character, the justice league will waste screen time because of this and it's a brave move so when they backed down, it was disappointing.
Hopefully Justice League will be brave and not hold back. - idontknow

3 Don't Keep It Overstuffed

What I mean by this is make the movie about the Justice League, don't overstuff it with useless plot points or overstuff the movie just to set up future movies. Make it about Justice League because BVS was overstuffed and glossed over the Batman Vs Superman point. - idontknow

4 The Villain

Man Of Steel started a promising line up of villains for the DCEU, Batman V Superman contains terrible villains. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was just awful and Doomsday was really shoe-horned in and looked terrible. Hopefully Steppenwolf, the villain for Justice League, will be one memorable villain that will wash away the BVS villain out of our memory. - idontknow

5 No Dream Sequences

Batman V Superman Dawn Of The Dream Sequences, My God there's a lot of dream sequence in this film- a lot. Most of them didn't even make sense what so ever, like the mountain one, the funeral one or the Injustice set up which contained a cool sequence but didn't have a place amongst this movie. In Justice League no dream sequences, I Beg. - idontknow

6 Keep It Consistent (Editing Wise)

One scene jumps to another scene which jumps back to that scene just once again to jump back. This is very jarring, BVS had terrible editing and Justice League needs to be edited better. - idontknow

7 The Introduction To The Justice League

In BVS, We are introduced to the Justice League by e-mail, wha..wha...why...(speechless).
The fact that someone even though this doesn't baffle me, the fact that it was approved into the movie baffles me. When recruiting the Justice League, please do not send them emails or text them through social media, just don't. - idontknow

8 Explore Themes

MARTHA! I think the filmmakers wanted to see this as a turning point for the character of Batman as he realises that he's just as bad as the criminal who shot his parents. However the scenario just felt like their mothers had the same name so they became friends and I know that's not the meaning. It felt like that because it was rushed so explore it, let us see so we don't misinterpret it. - idontknow

9 Don't Cut Out Scenes that are Necessary to the Plot
10 Common Sense

Why would people think Superman shot people in the desert? when he can shoot lasers out of his eyes. Why would Superman fly away and not help people after the explosion making him look guilty?
Why did Batman bring Doomsday into the city and not bring the spear to Doomsday? It would've taken longer but less people would've died and that's why Batman wanted to take down Superman right?
I heard that the Ultimate Edition fixes these points but then why would they be edited be out of the theatrical cut and lose a lot of common sense. - idontknow

The Contenders

11 Introducing John Cena in Justice League
12 A Better Lex Luthor
13 Make Lex Luthor A Power Suit So He Could Fight Both Batman And Superman
14 More sensible Batman
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