Top Ten Ways to Kill Justin Bieber


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1 Cut him in half with a katana

This extreme hatred of Justin Bieber has taken a huge toll on TheTopTens. Congrats TTT, you are officially a JB hate fan page. It's sad really. I hate him but this list is pure offensive. Like you don't know the consequences of killing someone. - SelfDestruct

I remember the day I made this a long while ago. - bobbythebrony

Even though Justin is bad, I completely DESPISE this list! - Neonco31

I hate this list. It's like death threats. Like self destruct said, TTT is more like The Top Bieber Hate. - TeamRocket747

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2 Put a rattlesnake in his bed

Well let's hope it bites him in his Gentiles - Toucan

Or we could put it in his ugly hair

Or put Craig from Sanjay and Craig or Viper from Kung Fu Panda in the bed! - Ededdneddyfan55

3 Put a bomb in his ice cream

No, the ice cream is too small for you to hide it.

Maybe a large portion banana split? He's a spoiled rich brat, so he probably bought that - MLPFan

..and BOOM! He dies painful. - 05yusuf09

They did that on spongebob - SocialMediaStinks

4 Throw him off the Grand Canyon V 3 Comments
5 Tie him to an anchor and throw it in the ocean

Crusify him

6 Hang him by his feet and lower him into an ant hill

Oh, the classic method of trying to torture the Japanese soldiers in World War 2...

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7 Punch him in the face very hard

We should put him in Smash brothers and have Little Mac Punch him like their's no tomorrow - SocialMediaStinks

I always wanted to do this. - EpicJake

Saitama from One Punch Man is just the perfect man for the job. ONE PUNCH IS ALL IT TAKES! That, or at least Goku, Naruto, or Luffy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Trap him in a bear cave
9 Send him to Iraq to the ISIS

Canada is an ally of the US. They probably see Justin Beiber as a bigger threat than ISIS.

They'll just think America is insane after that...

I think Justin will just get killed there.

Kanker goed idee

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10 Lock him in a room with Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers

Michael Myers might die from the music, but Jason's already dead so... BYE BYE Bieber! - Lasvegasxavier


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11 Have Madonna and Eminem beat him to death
12 Send him to space without a suit

I would sever his head but this is much more painful

Lol, totally accurate

He will explode,I watched once you watch this you will HATE jiustin beber.

13 Hire Jeff the Killer to Murder Him

This list getting popular is totally insane. - SelfDestruct

I hope it happens :3 - NoOreoForU

Oh, THAT'LL BE AWESOME! How bout both LJ and Jeff!? - SkullKid101

14 Cut his head off

No, just send him to Iraq to the ISIS and he dies.

This list is a little too violent. ENOUGH WITH THE MURDER, PEOPLE! -WillowChance

Dear g
If you want Justin Bieber to retire why did you make a list how to kill scarlet johnasson? I understand you hate her but I mean seriously, just let her retire instead of making up ways to kill her( I wrote this because you said you Bieber to retire)

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15 Have aliens abduct him, experiment on him, and cook him

That would be cool. But how are we gonna pull out with a message to the aliens, asking them to abduct him and use him as a test subject and such? - MLPFan

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16 Put beavers in his bed

He'd be getting killed by his own kind for making beavers look bad. - Skullkid755

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17 Replace his microphone with TNT

LOL! I could imagine that happening right now! Here's what would happen:
JB: Baby, baby, baby (TNT explodes in his face)
Me: I guess it was Baby, baby, baby boom. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 With your bare hands laughing at him the whole time
19 Bite his head off

But no one wants to eat his ugly head. Decapitate it with a chain saw or a circular saw instead - MLPFan

I wouldn't reccomend this because it wouldn't taste very nice. Do you want to GAG?

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20 Suck his brain out with a vacuum

You'd cut his skull out with a chainsaw, vacuum his brain, smash it with a baseball bat, and drink the leftover blood as you poop on his corpse - SocialMediaStinks

Wait, he has a brain!?!

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