Top Ten Ways to Kill Luigi

This list is dedicated to the greatest TopTenner ever. Danteem.

The Top Ten

1 Hire Danteem to quickscope him

I love the sartastic description. Anyways, luigi won the vote for a character to get beat up contest - TheKirbyCreeper999

That'd be going against his will, but hey, we can mind control him to do it. That way, no more Luigi!

Linnea, do you even KNOW what a quickscope is?! Well, it's a gun. So you YOU know anyone who has survived a gun attack?! I doubt that.

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2 Make a Luigism church collapse on him

Stop making these horrible lists! Luigi may be annoying but he doesn't deserve to die! - RockStarr

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3 Make him overdose on crack
4 Suck him up with a volcano

But how do you get suction power from the top? Screw it, just use gravity. - PositronWildhawk

Danteem:Positron wildhawk,nothing will work,also,luigi can use his poltergeist to suck up the volcano first!

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5 Hire Delgia2k and CerealGuy to wreck him

Danteem:No,I'll wreck them first!

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6 Rick Roll him to death
7 Suffocate him with too many farts V 1 Comment
8 Hire Madonna and Eminem to beat him to death
9 Crush him under Rouge The Bat's inflated butt V 3 Comments
10 Have Elsa freeze him

You IDIOT we know that you aren't Danteem unless your Username is at the end in BLUE. So don't even try it.

Danteem:you can't.luigi will use his fireball,freeze Mario instead

The Contenders

11 Have aliens abduct him, experiment on him, and cook him

Danteem:luigi can beat the aliens

12 Stomp on him V 1 Comment
13 Have Eminem rip his mustache off

I can't imagine Luigi without a mustache...

Then replace it with Stalin's mustache! - SamuiNeko

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14 Have Pacman eat him
15 Throw Homer Simpson at him

Then Homer would choke him. - EpicJake

16 Have Silver The Hedgehog throw 42 cars at him

Oh Silver, remember to throw 69 bombs at him!

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17 Creepers from Minecraft blow him to bits
18 Have Sonic spin dash him while Pikachu zaps him, Blaze burns him, and Jet shoots him

Why Pikachu? He's not even Sonic. How about Knuckles punches him?

I dislike both Danteem and Luigi, Sonic and Pokemon are a million times better than them. They both deserve this. Thanks whoever made this. - TwilightKitsune

19 Give him to a tribe of blood thirsty cannibals
20 Blow him up
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1. Hire Danteem to quickscope him
2. Suck him up with a volcano
3. Make a Luigism church collapse on him
1. Hire Danteem to quickscope him
2. Make a Luigism church collapse on him
3. Suck him up with a volcano
1. Hire Danteem to quickscope him
2. Make him overdose on crack
3. Rick Roll him to death



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