Top Ten Ways to Kill Nicki Minaj


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1 Assault Her With Hot Coals

I know all of you don't like Nicki Minaj but don't you think assaulting a woman because they made a stupid song is reasonable? You would've end up in jail. - JaysTop10List

That's the thing that I don't understand. I mean, I really hate Nicki Minaj. I think she's really fake and really phony. She never grew up in a ghetto or a hood. But doesn't it seem a little harsh to make a list of ways to kill somebody? I know that people can't stand her (Trust me. I can't stand her either) and that she's really annoying but wouldn't it have been easier to make a list of ways to describe her instead of ways to kill her (i know that list exists but I'm just saying what I mean). Now I'm not treating all of this like it was really serious, but I'm just saying that making lists of ways to kill a person makes you look immature and embarrassing. I just think they need to be banned because they might drive people away from TheTopTens (I also think Nicki Minaj's music needs to be banned as well. Seriously. Stay away from Nicki Minaj).

This list is so cool

These methods should not even be taken seriously! I've got enough of these people butthurt over these kinds of lists!

2 Bury Her 100 Feet Underground

Haha! This guy must be seething in pain now that minaj is rich. Maliciously nice list - frankjackson

Bury the "treasure", guys! Haha

3 Torture Her With Banjo Music and Her Own Music, While Putting Spikes Through Her

Stop it right now people killing people is only going to make you go to jail - BigBrotherSucks

"Killing people will only make you go to jail" that a the only thing you know how to say - bobbythebrony

How about take this lovely women home and protect her from these terrible people

Torture her with her own music yeah


4 Hang Her Upside Down
5 Throw Her Off Mount Everest

This list is wrong. - Minecraftcrazy530

This list is just mean. It's not funny.

6 Strand Her In Antarctica
7 Let A Lion Eat Her
8 Use Hoes And Stick Them Into Her Body

Serves her right for her song Stupid Hoe. - CardboardBox

Serves her right for making Stupid Hoe!

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9 Throw Her In An Active Volcano

That is just mean.

10 Put Anacondas In Her Bed At Night

They are about the most dangerous snake ever. Hopefully she'll never make an annoying song ever again, maybe. - funnyuser

Hope You Like Anacondas Now... - Turkeyasylum

They won't want none unless she's got buns Hun. And she's got them and they'll take it


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11 Water Board And Crucify Her At The Same Time
12 Have Eminem Rip Her Tits Off

Oh my god... That's the funniest mess I've read today! - MeaganSaysHI

Please, he doesn't have the guts or the glory. - PositronWildhawk

With duct tape!

Why? they are a beautiful set.

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13 Drop 42 Pianos On Her

Well I actually voted for "give her a wedgie" how did this happen?! - Britgirl

14 Give Her a Wedgie
15 Send Her Back In Time and Give Her to the Romans

Don't forget Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up!

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16 Crucify Her
17 Throw Her Into an Iron Maiden
18 Set Her On Fire and Push Her Off a Cliff
19 Launch Her Into a Black Hole
20 Make Her Read Lists On the Top Tens

Wait she'd just listen to her own voice lol

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1. Assault Her With Hot Coals
2. Bury Her 100 Feet Underground
3. Torture Her With Banjo Music and Her Own Music, While Putting Spikes Through Her



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