Top Ten Ways to Kill Sunny Leone


The Top Ten

1 Have her drown in the Luigi cano

And on the following morning, Sunny Leone died. Officials speculate that she was murdered by a mentally disturbed kid wearing a Luigi costume.

How dare she attempt to usurp him? - Puga

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2 A breast implant gone wrong

The breast implant starts going larger and larger on their own and explodes killing her

I wanna slice her boobs off with a sword and stab her to death.

3 Have her travel back in time to the Twin Towers

On September 11th 2001. At 8am. Facing a window. - Puga

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4 Sucked up by vacuum

Ok, enough with the lists of how to kill somrbody. - FerrariDude64

5 Choke to death on pickle

A very special kind of pickle, mind you. - Puga

What are you all looking at me for? - DapperPickle

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6 Roasted by Lady Colin Campbell

That's what she gets for being a vain old goat - gemcloben

Only Brits will get this. - Puga

Haha, or eaten in a trial. - IronSabbathPriest

7 Find a rag and pour an overdose of chloroform on it before shoving it in her face

If I were a murderer, this would probably be the way I would do it. There's a thin gap between knocking out someone with chloroform and killing them with it, and it's easy to cross it. - WonkeyDude98

8 Cut off her Head
9 Crash an Alaskan Airlines plane on her
10 Interrogated to death on one of Velitel Cabal's POW camps

The Contenders

11 Tie her to a pole five feet away from a tornado
12 Stomp on her
13 Tie her to a plunger and throw the plunger into lava
14 Break her neck
15 Throw her in a volcano
16 Drown her
17 Burn her in a sulfuric acid bath
18 Put her in a gas chamber
19 Shoot her in the face
20 Throw her in a dangerous prison and prisoners can beat her to death
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