Top Ten Ways to Kill a Zombie


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21 Flamethrower

Reasons why this is the best1. it's a flamethrower2. it looks badass3. I'm not an arsonist but seeing things burn is awesome - ChickenKing

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22 Drum Sticks

If you take the plastic thingy off the ends and sharpen a little you could use them as throwing projectiles which is totally beastlie! - fireinside96

23 Drop a Piano On Them

The piano would just be a 1 time usage... Yah I killed 10 zombies but there are still 100 left yah I'm in a hole - Peebz2010

Have you seen the part in ZombieLand when a zombie dies from this.

24 Thundergun

If it ever exist it will be so awesome!

25 Fireworks

Tie the zombie to it on new years and shout "HAPPY NEW YEAR! "

26 Combine Harvester
27 Tornado

I like to see a zombie die

28 Banjo
29 Axe

It would be my personal choice well I am 25% insane laugh out loud jk - Peebz2010

30 Chopsticks

Hayiaaa!... Just kidding I ain't crazy... I think...

31 Flaming Chainsaw

I want this to be on the top 10!

32 Beehive

Sting those zombies to death

If they touch the beehive,the bees will kill them

33 Giant Hammer
34 With Your Bare Hands

Bars hands is best. Get down and dirty. - DunnaNunnaBatman

35 Icicle
36 A Big Girl

Good daughter squish them with your butt! Laugh out loud - Peebz2010

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37 Falcon Punch
38 Lighter
39 With a Wii Remote

One of the most realistic things on the list lol. - ONHOLIDAY

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40 720 No Scope
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