Top Ten Ways to Kill a Zombie


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21 Flamethrower

Reasons why this is the best1. it's a flamethrower2. it looks badass3. I'm not an arsonist but seeing things burn is awesome - ChickenKing

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22 Drum Sticks

If you take the plastic thingy off the ends and sharpen a little you could use them as throwing projectiles which is totally beastlie! - fireinside96

23 Drop a Piano On Them

The piano would just be a 1 time usage... Yah I killed 10 zombies but there are still 100 left yah I'm in a hole - Peebz2010

Have you seen the part in ZombieLand when a zombie dies from this.

24 Thundergun

If it ever exist it will be so awesome!

25 Fireworks

Tie the zombie to it on new years and shout "HAPPY NEW YEAR! "

26 Combine Harvester
27 Tornado

I like to see a zombie die

28 Banjo
29 Axe

It would be my personal choice well I am 25% insane laugh out loud jk - Peebz2010

30 Chopsticks V 1 Comment
31 Flaming Chainsaw V 1 Comment
32 Beehive V 2 Comments
33 Giant Hammer
34 With Your Bare Hands

Bars hands is best. Get down and dirty. - DunnaNunnaBatman

35 Icicle
36 A Big Girl

Good daughter squish them with your butt! Laugh out loud - Peebz2010

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37 Falcon Punch
38 Lighter
39 With a Wii Remote

One of the most realistic things on the list lol. - ONHOLIDAY

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40 720 No Scope
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