Top 10 Ways to Know that You're Bad at a Video Game

These are basically the common ways to know that you are bad at certain video games because of one reason or another, PS I got the idea for this list from Watchmojo.

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1 You Repeatedly Die

In fairness to this choice, a great gamer can repeatedly die in a video game if it's very difficult. There are very few gamers that had beaten Pac-Man, Super Meat Boy, Silver Surfer, and other very hard video games.

You know your bad at a game when you keep seeing the game over screen over and over. - egnomac

Most notably if you keep dying before even making to the harder stages.

2 You Can't Figure Out The Puzzle of a Level

This has happened to me so many times where I just can't pass a level because I can't figure out the puzzle to advance to the next stage, often is because you end up overlooking something important like a file or something though an easier way to figure it out is to use a strategy guide or look it up online. - egnomac

3 You Can't Pass The Tutorial Stage

With the exception of Driver the tutorial is meant to help the player understand the controls and everything else in the game. - egnomac

4 You Repeatedly Fall of a Course in a Racing Game

This is basically Mario Kart & F-Zero that moment when you keep falling off the course of a racing game, a really strong hint its best to practice a racing course before attempting them in the main game. - egnomac

Lego game problems too.

5 You Become Impatient

It's important to keep a cool head as being impatient will cause you to make more mistakes, - egnomac

6 You Keep Making The Same Mistakes
7 You Quickly Run Out of Ammo

Its important to know what weapons will affect which enemies the most and being more precise with your shots and not just firing wildly. - egnomac

8 You Quit Early and Blame The Game

I've done this many times where I completely give up and blame the game. - egnomac

9 You Keep Failing A Mission
10 Not Accepting Your Own Failure

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11 You Quickly Resort to Using Cheats
12 You Can't Make It Past the First Level
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1. You Repeatedly Die
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