Top Ten Ways to Know You're In Love

The Top Ten

1 You Enjoy Spending Quality Time Together
2 You Don't Care About Their Flaws and Don't Try to Change Who They Are

Does this mean.. No one loves me.. - Sillykitty

3 Doesn't Mind the Weird Stuff You're Into

That would be hard. I live learning about philias. - THEGreatLordOfAll

4 Laughs at All Your Corny Jokes
5 You Smile Every Time You Make Eye Contact With Each Other
6 Looks Into Your Eyes and Sees Love, Not Psychoticness
7 Making Out While Watching Finding Nemo
8 You Tell Them You Love Them and Actually Mean It
9 You Drive to Their House Just to See Them, Even If It's Fifty Miles Away
10 You Care About Them More Than Kinky Sex

The Contenders

11 You can appreciate just being in the same room with them
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