Top Ten Ways to Know You're Racist

#BlackLivesMatter, but keep in mind black peoples can be racist, too.

The Top Ten

1 You think one race is better or worse than another

That doesn;t matter

Lucky's That not your problem if I'm racist or not.

So? That's an opinion!

Luckys Pretty much. In fact, everyone is a racist at some point, thus bias.

2 You forbid someone from being your friend because of their race

It can also depends on the person themselves.

That is harsher.

3 You never smile at a certain race

I'm pretty sure that this happens. A LOT!

4 You feel more or less safe when around a certain race

Islanders and Muslims can be pretty aggressive as well as racist. Same with black people, white people and everyone at some point.

Yep. That is kind of racist.

So I should feel safe around races from terrorist countries? - Therandom

It happens to everyone!

5 You think all members of a race have certain qualities

That can also lead to stereotyping, both good and especially bad.

Isn't that stereotyping as well? I mean, it does like it.

6 You make snap judgements when you first meet someone of a certain race

Maybe that racist person had a very bad history with other races, or something like that.

7 You support racial injustice

This happens a lot.

8 You talk badly about a certain race when no one of that race is around

I do that all the time. But at least I'm being honest!

So? Everyone does that!

9 You think only white people can be racist

White people nower days are both getting unfairly hated on and are treated very badly. And whether anyone has dislike/hate a certain race, still treat them like the way you would like to be treated. Everyone deserves to be treated equally with love, care and respect. White people as well as non white people are all a human being that should not be judged by other, especially in a very harsh manner.

What I've said about White Aussies are horrible, discusting and I'm very sorry!

I feel very sorry for white people in the modern days. Since we live in the modern and nower days, non white people accused them for being racist but they (white people) are the ones being sadly victimized, and they would NEVER ever think about offending others at all.

I'm pretty sure that someone who wrote mean things about White Aussies must be very sorry for their mistakes.

10 You ask for advice on how to date someone of a certain race

That also sounds a bit like stereotyping.

This doesn't make you racist. It's just asking for advice in case you happen to offend them. And by the way, Black Lives Matter is a stupid movement. Black people have had the same rights as everyone else for decades. - IronSabbathPriest

At least that's in a good way. 👍

And THIS makes someone a "racist? " You appear to be in full-blown denial of distinct and obvious cultural differences. And you would condemn someone for wanting to ensure their familiarity with those differences in order to avoid conflict?

The Contenders

11 You agree with other people's racist views

I don't agree with racist views of Black Lives Matter. I was referring to people have their own opinions if they don't like any type of race, etc. But people should still be kind to others from their own side (getting along with others), Blacks as well as other people's lives matter a lot and everyone also has their own rights without being discriminated.

Yes it is racist. But so what!

Everyone has different opinions.

Well, rumor has it - LightningStrike

12 You think Trump is the best president of all time

Some people like him, some don't.

Some people like Trump, some don't.

Donald Trump may be racist and discriminates Gays, Muslims, etc. But that's his own opinion. There's nothing you can do about it!

Boo! I don't like Trump! (But luckily he's NOT worser than Hitler).

13 You always go on racist websites

So. I'm sure that most people will do.

Not all Chinese people and non Chinese people had find their stereotyping jokes funny. In fact, not everyone finds a racist joke funny.

Especially funniest Asian jokes about Chinese stereotypes.

Yep. Racist website can exist!

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