Top 10 Ways to Know You've Run Out of Ideas for Lists on the Top Tens

It's no secret that many users on The Top Tens have completely run out of original ideas and have resorted to making lists that clearly shows that they've run out of ideas while its not necessarily bad thing.

The Top Ten

1 Recycle an Existing List

There are way too many to name its basically making a list that is similar to a list that already exist. - egnomac

2 Copy a List from

This has become common while I don't really have a problem with it, but it does get annoying when they put the list exactly like they did on - egnomac

3 Make a List of Reasons Why You're Retiring

I bet they have “ran out of list ideas” as a reason - Randomator

4 Use an Idea from

Completely different from copying an actual list from the theme of a list from Watchmojo may be similar but at least they add a few new items. - egnomac

5 Make a Series of Lists of Fictional Characters Whose Name Start with the Alphabet

I've done lists of characters whose name start with the letters F,G,I,M,N,O,Q,S,U,V,W,X, Y, & Z. - egnomac

6 Make a List that Makes No Sense
7 Make a Series of Lists of Cartoon Episodes that Start with Letters of the Alphabet

I've done this though I actually had a lot of fun doing them. - egnomac

8 Make a List of Movies You Hate or Like that Other People Like or Hate

"List of totally absurd and horrible movies that people besides me like for no reason whatsoever so I feel I have the audacity to make myself feel special" sounds like a great list title. - Swellow

9 Make a Series of Lists of Famous People Whose Name Starts with Letters of the Alphabet
10 Make a Series of Lists of Songs that Start with Letters of the Alphabet
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