Top 10 Ways of Knowing That You Are Total Undertale Trash


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1 You blindly defend the game without actually providing the proper, fleshed-out reasoning behind what makes it great

I thought you were undertale trash... - N3GAT1V3

2 You proudly claim Undertale to be your favorite game of all time on a daily basis

Well, Roblox was way better.
Also, I haven't played Undertale.

3 You've developed an unbearable fetish for Sans' and Papyrus' speaking fonts
4 You've been utilizing Undertale memes ever since before they even existed
5 You sexually identify as a plate of spaghetti
6 Whenever you hear the term "bone zone", dirty thoughts about Sans and Papyrus instantly creep into your mind

Well, it does sound pretty dirty to be honest. - xandermartin98

7 You want to literally ride Alphys like a Yoshi
8 Burgerpants makes you wish that YOU had the facial expressions of a rejected Ren & Stimpy character
9 You want Chara to drip her melty-face juice all over your toast and force-feed it to you
10 Whenever you find yourself wearing a hoodie in public, the first thing you do is roleplay as Sans

Who wouldn't? - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 You want Temmie to give you a blowjob

WHAT THE HECK. What the heck. Why would you want an adorable chibi cat to...why... - RiverClanRocks

12 You've grown to find the Amalgamates rather cute
13 You want to bathe in a tub of spaghetti, preferably with Papyrus and/or Sans
14 The thing that you wonder more passionately than anything else about Alphys is what her feet smell and taste like
15 You wish that there was more foot-fetish art of Alphys and the Dreemurrs
16 You refer to Alphys as "lizard waifu" and/or "wifeu"
17 You have a Tumblr account that has an extensive history with the game
18 At least one of your Internet profile icons has one of the game's characters in it
19 You want Mettaton to give you a "thighjob"
20 You actually watch the Youtube videos in which people roleplay the game on Minecraft
21 You literally set up your own Steam account just to play the game
22 You actually bought the full "game + soundtrack" bundle for the game
23 You're on a seemingly endless quest to watch every Undertale-related thing on Youtube
24 You crossdress as Undertale characters that are clearly the opposite gender of your own
25 You draw Sans and Papyrus with lightsaber penises
26 Whenever someone dishes out a phenomenally bad pun, your immediate reflexive response is to yell "SANS!!!"
27 You actually ship alternate-universe versions of characters with each other
28 You have your own commenting flair on the Undertale subreddit
29 You actually wish you could keep Endogeny as a pet
30 You remind yourself more of Alphys than any of the other characters
31 You find Sans' style of humor funny
32 You actually wanted to kill Alphys at one point, simply out of jealousy for the fact that she had Undyne as a girlfriend, and/or vice versa
33 You sexually identify as a flower
34 You know where to find all of the best fanart from the game's fandom, even including Rule 34
35 You're somehow unironically sexually attracted to skeletons, thanks to the game
36 The game was what inspired you to start using Photoshop and similar programs
37 You get mildly irritated whenever someone mispronounces the characters' names, especially Alphys and Chara
38 You've actually fapped to fanfiction of the game
39 You refer to one of the game's characters as your spirit animal
40 You know every single alternate-universe version of Sans there is
41 You can't wait to play the Underswap and Underfell hacks of the game
42 You actually unironically take Underfell seriously
43 You're an active member of the Undertail community on Reddit and Tumblr
44 Sans is your favorite character in the game
45 You use Papyrus as an example for how there is more to the characters than just memes and archetypes
46 The game actually legitimately makes you cry passionately
47 Every time you see that one particular character you happen to have a crush on, you immediately SQUEE over how cute he/she is
48 You once had a wet dream about fornicating with your favorite character(s)
49 You firmly believe that Alphys did nothing wrong
50 You once had a wet dream about your favorite shipping from the game
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