Top Ten Ways the List "Characters With Bad Fanbases" is Terrible

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1 Luigi is the Top One

Not respecting people opinions.

Whoever made this list is a butthurt fanboy who can't respect opinions! - Mranonymously

Foxy is the top one now. Besides, he's not wrong. Most of them treat Mario like crap and Luigi like a god. That's probably Game Theory's Fault. - DCfnaf

Just letting you know that making these kinds of lists is what puts Luigi at number one. - GamerBoy

2 It is Offensive to the Fans of the Characters

Are you serious? Some fans are jerks sometimes. You probably made this list because you were angry Luigi Fans were on the list. Too bad, their fanbase is actually pretty annoying (not every fan is bad though). Waluigi Fans should've been on the list in my opinion. - DCfnaf

Not really. This is only constructive criticism, which most fans happen to learn from to abandon their old, harmful ways and change for the better. Sure, no fanbase is perfect but at least everyone has a potential to learn from each other.

This List Is To Teach The Mean Fans A Lesson And Give Them A Chance To Redeem Themselves - JPK

Not really offensive to anyone. Just constructive criticism, which ANYONE CAN LEARN FOR GOOD FROM.

3 Bad Criticism On Fans

It's perfect criticism. - DCfnaf

4 It's Nasty

It is not that nasty. Come on. Everyone has their own opinion. If you don't like it, then don't look at it.

5 It Makes People Like Mario Better Than Luigi

Why? Luigi is still more popular than Mario and since everyone believes Game Theory Luigi will still be popular. - DCfnaf

6 Sans Is Not First

What is the point of these lists? If you want Sans first, then get people to vote for him. - Popsicles

7 Characters are Listed by Rank

If you list mario as brother, peach as princess, bowser as spiky turtle, and toadette as female toad; it would be a bad list of characters.

8 The Fact That Pikachu Wasn't Number One
9 It has been ruined by adding characters that aren't really that overrated
10 They add characters that don't have much of a fanbase to the list

Also, some characters have worse fanbases than others.

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11 Disrespectful to others' opinions

You know what? I might consider leaving TheTopTens and never coming back because I am so fed up with all the crud that some users have given me as replies to my comments whenever I have the right to have my free speech. Some users are immature little brats that they are disrespectful and make the more mature and open-minded users/anon look horrible.

12 Foxy is not first
13 Foxy doesn't deserve to be number 1
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