Top 10 Ways the List of Why Minecraft is Better Than Terraria is Bad List


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1 Invalid points

You made the list though - Bouncy

Sounds about right. - Sync

Yes - LumiNyte

2 Judging the two games based on graphics

Minecraft - 8-bit (unless texture packs)
Terraria - 16-bit
Doesn't matter.

Thanks for adding this - LumiNyte

Yeah totally - SuperMiloX


3 The list is Not talking about gameplay

Agreed. the gameplay is the most important thing in games - SuperMiloX

4 The list includes stuff about who people can recognize the characters

Yeah whats that about - SuperMiloX

5 Both games main characters are silent protagonists

They both say oof

6 Judging the game if it's 2d or not
7 Judging the game based on how many mods it has
8 The list is inaccurate
9 Too many similar reasons
10 Minecraft has a bad fanbase

what! - SuperMiloX

The Contenders

11 The people who made it don't even know anything about Terraria

"Minecraft has survival mode"
As Terraria ONLY has survival mode (although a creative mode is planned).

Actually, I was working on it also, terraria is my second favourite game - SuperMiloX

12 Minecraft came out several years before Terraria, while everyone is saying that Terraria came out first. Minecraft came out in 2009, Terraria came out in 2011.

Minecraft added survival multiplayer in 2011 actually - SuperMiloX

This was put in the wrong list - LumiNyte

Wow I never knew that!
is it true?

so bruh - SuperMiloX

13 People Say that Minecraft Copied Terraria

WTF2! - SuperMiloX

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