Top Ten Ways Luigi is Better Than Mario

Ever since I was just about three, and learned about Mario, I've always chose Luigi over Mario. Now if you like Mario over Luigi, that is OK to me, however I hope you accept mine, as I have my opinions to, and mine are that Luigi is better!

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1 Luigi has better gameplay than Mario

True, Mario saves the princess with luigi but I don't think mario could even be nice to luigi if he saved the princess while mario was sick to be honest.

In games such as, Super Mario Galaxy, or Super Mario 64 DS, Luigi is top tier when it comes to those games. Luigi is known to jump higher, flutter kick, and is more quicker. Mario on the other hand always has all-around stats in like every game he appears in.

What a Childish List,

2 Luigi has more emotion than Mario

Luigi wil always be and the best and Mario will always suck! - Danteem

Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Wario, and waluigi are the only mario characters with a personality.

Despite being the sidekick, Luigi's personality is more in depth then his older brother Mario. Sure, he is known for acting scared every time, although he is man enough to overcome his fear, which many people seem to ignore. All we know about Mario is that he likes sports, and saving the princess.

Not Really

3 Luigi is more funny then Mario

Luigi likes to bring comedy into these Mario games because of his humor. Mario always takes things seriously, which would make the game a little bit more boring. If you want to create a great game, then you have to at least have some comedy for seven year olds to enjoy.

Bravery=/=Humor, Big The Cat Makes Humor, Shadow Doesn't, Does That Mean Big Is Better?

Because he’s a coward unlike Mario

4 Luigi cares for his people

Sure, Mario does care for people, but not as much as Luigi. Luigi likes to be their for everyone. In Mario And Luigi: Dream Team, Luigi was cheering someone up, while Mario was just standing their doing nothing.

I Feel Like Mario Takes To Much Credit And He's Always The One To Get The Gold And Doesn't Let Luigi Take Hus Credit, Considering Its Been Proven That Luigi Is Stronger Than Mario. But It Doesn't Bother Luigi And Those Are Reasons Why Luigi Actually Cares


5 Luigi is more loveable then Mario

Luigi is kind, nice, and gentle, and what does he get in return? NOTHING! I get tired and sick of when Nintendo makes characters say Mario and the other one. They act like they don't care about him, and forget that Luigi has a fanbase to, and they also act like Mario is the only character! Mario can sometimes act like a jerk, rude to Luigi (As shown in New Super Mario Bros. Wii), and mean. Luigi acts more nicer, but get's treated like he's nothing!

Some Nintendo fans, mostly Mario fans, treating Luigi like he is nothing makes me very, very sad. I love him so much, and seeing him like that reminds me of myself too. I love my neighbors, friends, and family, and what did I get from other people? Negative views! What the heck! I was called a coward by many people who don't even know me. Students at school bullied me as well, result me in sadness. Luigi was the one I can truly relate to, and when I do, I felt like him. I felt like I need to overcome my own fears, and step up to what I need to do. I'm now still fighting to do it.

Weak Reason

6 Mario sucks in games

Mario absolutely sucks in most of the adventure games, unlike Luigi who acts like a god in these games. I'm telling the truth when I'm telling you this, but when I played as Mario for Super Mario Galaxy, It took me THREE YEARS to complete the game 100%. However, when I unlocked Luigi and played through the game with him, it took me literally a MONTH just to complete the game 100%. That is proof that Luigi is better at Mario in games.

I bet you barely played this game at all with Mario and then played it every day with Luigi. Weak reason

This List And Its Reasons Is What Sucks Here

Not really.

7 Luigi saves better things than Mario

YES! This makes perfect sense. No matter how mean Mario is to Luigi Luigi still SAVES him. I ' prefer Luigi over Mario everyday.

True, the only thing Mario saves is the princess. Nothing else

We can't really say this for Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube, but for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, we can! In this game, Luigi was such a badass because not only did Luigi rescued his brother Mario, but he, saved the entire world, saved some Toads along the way, clear an entire mansion, free every ghost, collect over a $1,000,000, and defeat King Boo AND Bowser. All Mario does is rescue the princess, and only has to deal with Bowser. Sure, Mario did save an entire galaxy twice in Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but let's be real here, if Peach weren't involved with all of it, then Mario wouldn't have done it in the first place! Luigi did it because he cared about everyone.

Yeah, if Luigi isn’t in the series, Peach will be kidnapped forever because Bowser kidnaps her, then if Mario tries to rescue her, Bowser will definitely send King Boo to kidnap Mario, and trap in the painting forever. But because of Luigi, King Boo is defeated and Mario is rescued, then the Princess will be saved as Mario and Luigi can beat Bowser just as they always do

8 Mario has fewer friends than Luigi

I know that everyone at The Mushroom Kingdom admires Mario, and thinks of him more then a hero then Luigi, but Bowser's entire troop hates Mario. Sure, they hate Luigi to, but not as much as how they hate Mario.

Weak reason

9 Everyone plays as Luigi

I've read comments of a ton of people who tell us that they always prefer Luigi over Mario, including me, who tell us that Luigi has better gameplay. Mario is boring to play as. Luigi has more unique gameplay, and overall better stats for everyone to enjoy Luigi better.

I literally stopped being player one in new super mario bros wii just so I could be luigi

Not everyone

Haha NO

10 Luigi is more famous on polls over Mario

I wanted to see polls of who people thought were more better, and literally every poll I saw, the majority went to Luigi, in fact, almost everyone who has done polls were Luigi while like 10 people voted for Mario. That is seriously how famous Mario is.

Polls? , What Polls? , Polls For Weak Reasons?

Yeah Luigi is more famous on polls nobody cares about

Yes. So is Yoshi.

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? Luigi does not let Mario stop him from doing good things

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11 Luigi is Yoshi's mama

The cartoon is irrelevant!

The Cartoon is NON CANNON nice try

12 Mario is ugly

I think luigi should be made first he is more brave then mario. luigi is awesome he can jump higher and run faster.I wish you can be luigi in all the games luigi is braver because he went in a scary mansion and he did not give up! he killed bowser and king boo this is why luigi is better leave a like if you think luigi should be older and made first

Weak reason, I know it's been said a couple of times but still

Just look at that ugly face of his.

Looks don’t matter

13 Luigi is More Relatable Than Mario

I always relate to Luigi because he is more timid, shy, and cautious than his brother just like me. He is even willing to overcome his fears when he needs to for the sake of his older brother, and I'm still trying to overcome my own fears for the sake of my family and friends. In fact, Luigi is caring, fun-loving, sweet, and kind, but gets treated like he's nothing, which I can also relate because I'd always get frequently treated like I'm good-for-nothing, breaking my heart emotionally. I always love him, and I always will.

14 Luigi has a better Smash moveset than Mario’s in Melee and Brawl

And ultimate

15 Luigi has more powers than Mario

Not to mention he got electrical powers in the mario and Luigi games.

Mario may have a lot of power ups such as fire brand and ice flower and cape feather, but Luigi has that too, including Thunderhand, Poltergust 5000 And has better hammer skills.

16 Luigi can do more things than Mario
17 Mario is fat

That reason, right there, is just absolutely weak. This is NOT a good reason why Luigi is better than Mario. Besides, appearance don't even matter; thus, the characteristic of a character is what REALLY matter. :|


18 Luigi is a more interesting character
19 Luigi is a kind person with emotional feelings.
20 Luigi is cooler

He is a ghost fighting,mansion owning hero, who trys his best to save the people he loves.

21 Luigi Looks Friendlier Than Mario

Luigi looks WAY more friendlier than Mario since Super Mario Bros(1985).

22 Luigi loves Mario more than Mario loves Luigi.
23 Has a better relationship with the girls he likes
24 Luigi actually has a personality unlike Mario
25 Luigi saves Mario in Luigi's Mansion 1, 2 and 3
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