Top 10 Ways Madonna Is Better Than Artists Today

The Queen of Pop. The original. Madonna is a Legend and an Icon. She and Michael Jackson have invented the titles: King and Queen of Pop. She has influenced countless

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1 Influence on pop culture and music

Madonna is te PIONEER in the music industry. She has influenced a whole GENERATION of artists. She paved the way for women and especially Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Kylie Minogue and many others. She has changed the view of of SEX and made it a norm. She has made it easier for people to express themself. She is a revolutionary. - anthineee

2 Creativity

Madonna has made voguing popular during the 90's. She wore the famous cone bra. She has reinvented her image numerous of times and is an icon. Madonna is a lyrical genius. She has written most of her songs by herself and was inducted into the SONG WRITERS HALL OF FAME. And the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. Her RAY OF LIGHT, LIKE A PRAYER, and EROTICA albums were masterpieces showcasing her mastery at imagery and creativity. - anthineee

She is one of the most brilliant artists in the world

This is keeping in mind her latest song is called "B*tch. I'm Madonna" and features a fifty-something-year old wearing a spiked pink jacket and grinding on men. - keycha1n

3 Dancing

Michael Jackson might dispute her title.

Madonna has been trained as a professional dancer and recieved a dance scholarship when she was in her younger years. Her express yourself mtv performance was criticallly acclaimed for its live vocals and impreasive dance choreography. One of her most prominent and memorable along side her vogue performance. - anthineee

4 Marketing

Madonna is one of the smartest businesswomen in the industry. She is the BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. She is also the 4TH BEST SELLING ACT OF ALL TIME behind Michael jackson, the Beatles, and elvis. She knows how to market herself well. - anthineee

5 Work ethic

Madonna is one of the most hardest working musicians in the industry. She came to New York with 40 dollars in her pocket and managed to work her way toward the biggest pop star in the world - anthineee

6 Singing

Contrary to what people think. Madonna is not a bad singer. She has shown good vocals in her Academy Awards performance, Tay of Ligh Oprah's show, the Oscars, Evita. Though she is not the greatest vocalist, she makes up for it in emotion and feeling. Madonna's songs are one of the most difficult to sing. - anthineee

7 Music Videos

Madonna's music videos were always controversial: Justify My Love, Like a Prayer. She also used music videos as expressions of her artistry. - anthineee

8 Stage Presence

Madonna's stage presence is powerful. She is on of the most talented and creative performers. People immediately know who she is once she walks on stage. - anthineee

9 Career

Madonna's Career has spanned 3 decades. She has influenced and change the pop scene like no other and opened new trends and was a trailblazer. Her longevity has surpasses whitney, mariah, prince, and many others. - anthineee

10 Tours

Madonna is the biggest touring female artist of ALL TIME, she has outsold many stadiums and continues to do so. - anthineee

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