Top 10 Ways To Make Already Bad Video Games Even Worse

The Top Ten

1 For NES Silver Surfer, add a sound effect that makes the game laugh at you every single time your character dies
2 Make Custer's Revenge take place in Alabama and be about banging a black woman against a crucifix-slash-American-flag hybrid while stereotypical trailer-dwelling Deep South rednecks cheer you on, fire shotguns and throw beer bottles in the background
3 Make all of the Pokémon abusers grossly obese weeaboos in Pokémon Black And Blue
4 Give Desert Bus the music from Crazy Bus
5 Have Sonic 2006 redesign its characters in the atrociously hideous manner that the upcoming live-action Sonic movie is planning to exhibit with Sonic himself
6 Change the background music for Hong Kong 97 to the infamous "Finger Family" remix from the Youtube channel "Toys In Japan", excruciatingly awful faux-Chinese accent and all
7 Have Animal Soccer World's one-man voice acting be done by Tommy Wiseau from The Room
8 Give Metroid Prime: Federation Force a bonus mission in which the Galactic Federation troopers are tasked with erasing every last trace of Another Metroid 2 Remake from the Internet
9 For M&M's Kart Racing, accompany the "APPROACHING SOUND BARRIER" quote with an on-screen message that takes up the entire width of the screen and also rapidly spins around several times in 360-degree rotations while also repeatedly zooming in and out
10 Make the shopkeepers' items cost even more Rubies in Link: The Faces Of Evil and Zelda: Wand Of Gamelon

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11 Make It $60
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