Top Ten Ways to Make Caillou Better

The Top Ten Ways to Make Caillou Better

1 Don't Make Him Whine Anymore

Or maybe crying like a 4 year old would.

2 Give Him More Strict Parents
3 Make Things Not Go His Way
4 Give Him Hair

In the books he was supposed to be an 18 month baby.
People think he has cancer.
What hairstyle, colour would you give him?

#baldlivesmatter - purpleyoshi98

5 Not Make It a Baby Show Anymore
6 Make Leo Share
7 Hire Better Animators
8 Make Grounded Videos Out Of Him

I like when Caillou gets grounded. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

Never - CaillouFanatic

9 Not Make Him a Tattletale
10 Make Him Not a Chatterbox

Ya,he needs to shut up for once!

The Contenders

11 Change the Theme Song

he could grow up in the song I'm just a kid who's 8 and I am not late... I don't know

12 Make a Better Circus Episode
13 Make Him Watch Teen Titans Go

Oh Come on! It will! Get over it!

That's not going to make him better! - Jay12

14 Make His Parents Spank Him For Once

Bring back 20th century punishments woohoo!

kinky - purpleyoshi98

15 Make him Become Saitama from One Punch Man
16 Make him cry like a 4 year old should.

Problem solved.

17 Follow the Books and Have Him as an 18 Month Baby

Hence the baldness.

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