Top 10 Ways to Make Christianity Look Better

I'm an atheist, but I decided to make a list of ways to make Christianity seem much more logical and reasonable. Think of this list as a way to help you guys out. If we actually did make these changes to the religion then it would be alive and thriving.

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1 Get Rid of the Idea That Homosexuality and Bisexuality Are Both Sins

I saw that someone on instagram had to leave their account because that person was happily expressing themselves as gay and their parents who are christian hated it. So sad that even your parents will hate you for being gay or bi... - KianaLexi

They're natural sexualities. Most people were born with them so stop trashing them so much for being what they are. - DarkMatter1997

If being gay is so natural why don't you see animals that are both male mating?

God is supposed to love ALL living things. He made people with different sexualities. Even though it’s not in the Bible and that Adam and Eve were man and woman, it should stop being proclaimed that being gay or any other sexuality is a sin. It’s just wrong since God loves everyone and we can’t change how people are so it should be accepted as it is because a large portion of people in our world are bi, gay, lesbian, etc. Besides, if it makes people feel like crap then that’s not really spreading love which the Bible wants us to do. Lastly, it doesn’t say in the flipping Ten Commandments that it’s wrong. - NightJinx

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2 Not Treating It Like the True Religion, But Rather One of the True Religions

Wouldn't it be easier to say that all religions are correct because they all should be treated equally (though I'm just saying that Theistic Satanism doesn't sound correct because it's intended to be harmful). - DarkMatter1997

3 Not Using God's Plan to Justify Bad Behavior

I already made a list of reasons not to do this so I don't think I need to explain a whole lot more. - DarkMatter1997

People who do this to commit crimes aren’t real Christians to me. They just claim to be Christian to make the religion look bad - Randomator

4 Get Rid of the Idea That God Remains Hidden to Test Us

If God revealed himself to the world then nothing would be justified. If anything, people would only take photos of him and post it on social media. He remains in heaven where he awaits us when it comes to our time to join him. - NightJinx

This is honestly pointless. It would be much simpler if God actually revealed himself to us (he most likely won't though considering how he's impotent). - DarkMatter1997

5 Write More Realistic Stories

I'm just saying that if any of the stories of Jesus are real then we might wanna make them sound more realistic so that people will stop thinking he's completely imaginary. But you wanna stick with the main stories then at least view them as metaphors and not stuff that's actually happened (no one can walk on water or touch lepers to make them feel better). - DarkMatter1997

6 Stop Viewing Non-Christian Things as Satanic

Not everything in the world is satanic. Get over it already and stop worrying so much. - DarkMatter1997

This one and number 6 are the only ones I agree with. - 2storm

@2storm-No offense but your God sounds like a pretty sick guy. If hell is a fiery place of torment then I sure don't wanna follow your God. Hell should actually be a place where people just have to repeat the wrongs they've done to others instead of burning forever. Now that would make much more sense from God. - DarkMatter1997

Just because it’s non Christian doesn’t mean it’s satanic - Randomator

7 Get Rid of the Westboro Baptist Church

They literally have fewer than 40 members total, and probably fewer than 20. If you assign them enough importance to put them on this list, you are helping them.

I agree with this too. Westboro represents Christianity horribly. - 2storm

8 Get Rid of the Handsome White Jesus

I'm just saying that Jesus wasn't actually handsome or white according to the bible. Besides, people will appreciate the way he's supposed to look. - DarkMatter1997

Well I mean, we’ve never seen him in person sooo... even if he was handsome or not, that’s not the point in his teachings at all and shouldn’t matter. People didn’t follow him because of his looks, they followed him because of his miracles and teachings. - NightJinx

9 Get Rid of the Idea That God is Omnipotent

He most likely isn't considering how there's still bad stuff going on in the world. - DarkMatter1997

10 Abandon Creationism in Favor of Science

Most Christians do favor science over creationism so thank goodness for that. - DarkMatter1997

@2storm-I'm just stating that creationism is illogical and we don't need it.

Plus, some scientists do believe in God. Just not creationism. - DarkMatter1997

This confuses me so much. Like, when you really think about it, it’s just like the Greek gods in a way where they reproduce with their siblings. I don’t like to think about it but when Adam and Eve had kids, then their kids would’ve had to make more kids in order to keep it going... I just don’t know and rather not think about it order to keep my sanity. - NightJinx

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11 View the Bible Stories as Metaphors Instead of Actual History

Some of them are like parables. - 2storm

12 Have It Be Less Fear-Based
13 Get Rid of the Easter Bunny

What does a bunny have to do with Easter anyway? Was it just some commercial mascot like Santa is for Christmas? - Randomator

It's a commercial advertising symbol, not a religious symbol, anyone with a brain knows that.

14 Get Rid of the Idea That Cussing is a Sin

I think it would make a lot more sense to say that turning cussing into a habit is a sin because the more you cuss, the less effect it has once you're angry. - DarkMatter1997

And lets not forget about how they should stop saying suicide is a sin - BlazinWraith

Unless you are like God damnit (just an example) which is using the Lord’s name is vain that is a sin but cussing in general isn’t a sin or shouldn’t be. They are just words that some random person made up in frustration or wanted to say. It’s not a big deal just disrespectful. - NightJinx

15 Replace the Christian Cross with a Different Symbol

What if it was replaced by the pentacle? After all it's an actual Christian symbol and some Christians even wear it to protect themselves from Satan.

I think this would at least be appealing to Muslims since they believe Jesus wasn't crucified (most of them believe that a person who looked like Jesus was crucified instead of the real Jesus). - DarkMatter1997

No we shouldn’t replace it. Besides, there’s living proof of the cross pieces somewhere I forgot. But the cross was made perfectly to fit a human figure on it as punishment for crimes and stuff like that. - NightJinx

16 Decide a Proper Date of Jesus's Birth

Yeah this is kinda weird because for all we know he could have been born in the summer - Randomator

He was born on December 25th... that’s what Christmas is for. - NightJinx

17 Get Rid of the Concept of Hell

It's pointless to just burn people in hell forever. If God does have to punish people then he should at least have them experience all the wrongs they've ever done to others so that their punishment would end. - DarkMatter1997

18 Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Was Crucified

Muslim here. We respect Jesus very much, but we don't believe he was the son of God, nor do we believe he was crucified.

Some Muslims believe a person who looked like Jesus was crucified instead of the real Jesus. - DarkMatter1997

19 Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Was the Son of God
20 State that Jesus Isn't the Christ, but Rather One of the Christs

Christ comes from the Greek word Christo, meaning "anointed one" or "chosen one". Wouldn't it be easier to say that all prophets are pretty much Christs in their own way? - DarkMatter1997

21 Get Rid of the Ku Klux Klan
22 Give Easter a Proper Date

I don’t get why Easter doesn’t have a specific date. - Randomator

23 State that Other Prophets Will Return Alongside Jesus
24 Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Was Also God Himself

If Jesus was also God then why did God even need a son in the first place? - DarkMatter1997

25 Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Created Life

Jesus didn’t but God did. - NightJinx

26 Make It More Polytheistic

Sure Yahweh can exist but other gods should exist alongside him. - DarkMatter1997

27 Have Adam and Eve Be Black Instead of White

Humans originated in Africa so this would make a whole lot of sense. - DarkMatter1997

I guess this makes sort of sense. How did people of different races even become apart of this world if Adarm and Eve were both white? - NightJinx

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1. Get Rid of the Westboro Baptist Church
2. Get Rid of the Idea That Homosexuality and Bisexuality Are Both Sins
3. Get Rid of the Handsome White Jesus
1. Get Rid of the Idea That Homosexuality and Bisexuality Are Both Sins
2. Not Treating It Like the True Religion, But Rather One of the True Religions
3. Get Rid of the Idea That God Remains Hidden to Test Us


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