Top 10 Ways to Make Dora the Explorer Better


The Top Ten

1 Make Dora not blind and not deaf

Every time, she asks you where is the thing and then you answer her. She can't hear you and she can't find a thing that's right in front of her. I think in the future, I want her being smarter, no longer blind and deaf. - bugger

She's not blind and deaf. Its teaching kids under five how to locate. The tree and bridge is easy for everyone else to see but its just for the little ones to learn. Do you think a kid under five could understand real maps?

She is like,"Where is the Rainforest? " RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU IDIOT! - micahisthebest

Dora is going to Specsavers for a eye-test and hearing test.

2 Change the Map into a tablet

Isn't logical because it always have like different 3 areas every episode - bugger

Or a GPS. - Discord1

3 Make Swiper smarter

Isn't logical because it always have like different 3 areas every episode - bugger

4 Make her teach people more Spanish

Dora only speaks a couple Spanish Words in her show although Dora is a Mexican. - bugger

Also make sure she teaches real spanish words. - SFTF2Fans360Alex

Speak only Spanish. Tilly from Tots T.V. who just talked French.

5 Make everybody teenagers

Yeah, we're teens and/or adults. If every character in Dora are teenagers, that show should be better. - bugger

6 Have her Parents smarter

I forgot about her parents. Her Parents don't care if Dora is exploring. If they get smarter, they should ask Dora permission if she can go out exploring. - bugger

Bugger don't you know that its just a cartoon?

7 Make the show have barely any singing

Make her songs Metal or Pop because most females like Pop. - bugger

If the snow has sngig, we should make them Rap or Rock or Metal

8 Have Dora meet things that are more interesting

Like Dora meeting her friends isn't interesting at all. How about if Dora enters a temple that is filled with lava and stuff? - bugger

9 Kill Dora

I think you have... a point. Kill her and replace her with a better one?

I would'nt mind if this happened - TwilightKitsune

10 Have a good plot

Dora has a boring plot we see every episode, like we also see the map always have 3 areas that somehow changes every time. What if we like to see an unique plot on Dora? - bugger

The Contenders

11 Make it rated T
12 Make it for all ages
13 Beat up Dora
14 Make it not educational
15 Make her badass
16 Give her a bigger shirt
17 Make it for a mature audience
18 Abandon Boots
19 Make her lose all of her belly fat
20 Just have her explore playgrounds
21 Have her explore her house
22 Add an adult to look after her while she is exploring
23 Have Swiper steal her map, backpack and boots so she has to go and find them
24 Send her to Tellytubbyland
25 Give her face more emotions than just smiling
26 Remove the faces from inanimate objects
27 Make the animation better
28 Make sure she doesn't stare
29 Send boots to the zoo
30 Replace boots with a dog
31 Get rid of her talking to the television.
32 Send her to Barney the Dinosaur.
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