Top 10 Ways to Make Dora the Explorer Better


The Top Ten

1 Make Dora not blind and not deaf

Every time, she asks you where is the thing and then you answer her. She can't hear you and she can't find a thing that's right in front of her. I think in the future, I want her being smarter, no longer blind and deaf. - bugger

She is like,"Where is the Rainforest? " RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU IDIOT! - micahisthebest

2 Change the Map into a tablet

Isn't logical because it always have like different 3 areas every episode - bugger

Or a GPS. - Discord1

3 Make Swiper smarter

Isn't logical because it always have like different 3 areas every episode - bugger

4 Make her teach people more Spanish

Dora only speaks a couple Spanish Words in her show although Dora is a Mexican. - bugger

Also make sure she teaches real spanish words. - SFTF2Fans360Alex

5 Make everybody teenagers

Yeah, we're teens and/or adults. If every character in Dora are teenagers, that show should be better. - bugger

6 Have her Parents smarter

I forgot about her parents. Her Parents don't care if Dora is exploring. If they get smarter, they should ask Dora permission if she can go out exploring. - bugger

7 Make the show have barely any singing

Make her songs Metal or Pop because most females like Pop. - bugger

If the snow has sngig, we should make them Rap or Rock or Metal

8 Have Dora meet things that are more interesting

Like Dora meeting her friends isn't interesting at all. How about if Dora enters a temple that is filled with lava and stuff? - bugger

9 Kill Dora

I think you have... a point. Kill her and replace her with a better one?

I would'nt mind if this happened - TwilightKitsune

10 Have a good plot

Dora has a boring plot we see every episode, like we also see the map always have 3 areas that somehow changes every time. What if we like to see an unique plot on Dora? - bugger

The Contenders

11 Make it rated T
12 Make it for all ages
13 Beat up dora
14 Make it not educational
15 Make her badass
16 Give her a bigger shirt
17 Make it for a mature audience
18 Abandon Boots
19 Make her lose all of her belly fat
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