Ways to Make a Modern FPS Game

Want your first person shooters to be classically remembered like Call of Duty and Gears Of War? No problemo, follow these ways.
(Please note that this is a satirical and sarcastic list, and it's ways should not be heeded.)

The Top Ten

1 Make your environments grey and brown and add bloom

As we all know, grey and brown colour schemes make a game's environment more realistic. Add that with bloom, and voila! You have the style of most FPS games out there! - ArchAces

2 Make an uninspired military setting

You are the hero, sent to fight terrorists in Iraq. That's the stuff! I thought you were going to make something creative and fun. Those are two no-no words, creative and fun. Make it bland, predictable and recycled, and victory for your studio! - ArchAces

3 Use CBAT (Cover-Based Attacking Tactic)

Otherwise known as cover based shooting, this baby is like food and water. USE. IT. ALL. THE. TIME. - ArchAces

4 Rehash and copy-paste sequels

Do you think Call of Duty is immensely popular just because one game innovated the FPS genre?
Of course not. They made sequels that changed nothing except for a few gimmicks and a different story.
People will remember your sequels for it too. No innovation, no problems. - ArchAces

5 Replace plot and character development with SHOOT SHOOT BANG BANG

As a soldier on a losing team in World War VI, you go rogue and try to shut down the Diamond, the MacGuffin on this waging war. Your character starts becoming more depressed as he sees the wars like a routine...
No, too innovating, sport. How about this:
"You're in the military and you shoot bad guys."
Isn't that the best plot ever? Also, about character development... You're dumb if you think that'll get greater reviews.
Scrap those two "important" elements, and you're on your way! - ArchAces

6 No stealth, no hard work, more running blindly at the enemy firing away from your MAC10

Do you work really hard at innovation? If so, screw you. Go back to your indie games and Valve's "creative" crap.
You see, stealth and survival elements make you seem worth it. Just have players charge blinding, firing at those terrorists! - ArchAces

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