Tragic Stories: The Making of Call of Duty

People sitting at the desk, people all eyes on the boss as the boss slams his hands on the desk.

"Alright people," he shouted with as his veins popped out of his neck, "You all know why we are here."

"Yes yes, making the most "revolutionary" Call of Duty game of all time but ever since MW2, theres none so far." said the bored employee at the end of the desk.

The boss fumed up in a steam and throwe a chair at the employee so hard, he flew to the window and fell.

The boss went make to his desk, rolled up his sleeves and said in a calm voice "To make the most revolutionary Call of Duty game of all time." said the boss

He got up from his cahir and flicked the pie chart.

"As we can see, the ratings of the game is slightly dropping down on every game they make only because they're jealous of our success." exclaimed the boss.

"But, we can change all of that, what we need to do is-"

"Do the same thing over and over again with changes that ruins the flow of the game." complained the manager at the middle of the desk.

The boss got up and slowly approached to the manager like a lion approaches to their prey.

He stopped moving and sprouted out, "That is a great idea!" the boss beamed with a cheerful tone, The manager looks confused.

Moral of the story: Activision is bored of innovation


True story! - keyson

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