Top Ten Ways to Make Paper Mario Return to Its Glory


The Top Ten

1 Get rid of all Toads

Having a few toad characters is fine, but having every single character you interact with in Sticker Star and Color Splash end up being Makes them seem lazy with their character designs and makes the experience bland. - DCfnaf

Why do you hate them? That is just a personal opinion, and it doesn't stop Toads from being allies of the Mario series' heroes.

You made a somewhat good list for once. But the variety in species doesn't wipe the Toads from existence.

Let there be more species variety pretty please, besides people hated them and thought they were boring. - WendyIsQueen

2 Return the RPG system

Should actually be Number 1 because it's one of the quintessential things necessary for the franchise. Nintendo needs to understand that Mario and Luigi is monumentally different in terms of gameplay, mood, and story in comparison to Paper Mario. - DCfnaf

That's the most favorite way people love about the paper mario series. - WendyIsQueen

3 Return the partners

It makes no sense if paper mario doesn't have a variety of partners. No stickers allowed. - WendyIsQueen

And the partners that had interesting personalities and gimmicks have been replaced by Kersti and Huey, boring guide characters that just exist because the game is titled off of a certain cheesy gimmick as opposed to a storyline. - DCfnaf

4 Replace the kidnap Peach story

It was much better when Peach was actually a character in this series and not just a plot device to give the game an objective. - DCfnaf

We get it she's useless, but there's more variety. Either she's not useless of scrap her out. - WendyIsQueen

That is getting old. Time for something new - Randomator

5 Make Bowser the main character

A lot of people want him to have his own game so why not. - WendyIsQueen

Eh, why not. Or give him his own game. - DCfnaf

Yes - Randomator

6 Make a new villain instead of just Bowser

That way Bowser can be the hero or a side villain. - WendyIsQueen

I want to see Bowser used as something other than primary villain. - Randomator

I like how the dipwads making Color Splash were saying that there was going to be a huge plot twist for the story that they didn't want to spoil, even though anyone who knows the slightest little thing about this franchise knows that the "plot twist" is Bowser being the villain. God, just make someone original the enemy please. Bowser is the villain for the platformers, not the RPGs. - DCfnaf

7 Add Waluigi to the game

He's an overrated Gary Stu and hoe and he has the most toxic fandom

He's popular and fan favorite, his fans are really nice they deserve it and his unique personality will shine through. - WendyIsQueen

The only reason I would want to see him is so his obnoxious fanbase will shut the hell up. - Randomator

But he's filler...

That's why people wanted him to appear in a major Mario game. Besides, I feel like neither him or Wario should have the potential to appear in a Paper Mario game.

8 Let the Koopalings appear

They Appeared In Color Splash - JPK

Maybe give them unique boss battles for once. Don't pull that new super Mario Bros crap on us Nintendo. - Randomator

In particular Wendy because she's the best. - WendyIsQueen

They all are hoes.

9 Put it on the Switch

Since the 3ds is on its way it out it makes more sense to put it on the switch. - WendyIsQueen

10 Make Wendy the main girl

Yes please!

Wendy >>>>>>> Toaedette lmao Toadette is a loser toad clone

The Contenders

11 Make Daisy and Rosalina appear

Because they're not hoes

12 Make Daisy the main character
13 Announce it on the E3

For maximum exposure and so fans can regain the hype for this series. - WendyIsQueen

14 Return the original characters

I liked the unique characters in pm 1 thru 3, so I hope we get to see some newbies in the next game

The lack of original characters is the flaw of recent titles (although it didn't stop me from enjoying the newer games) so I am guessing it will return to glory if more original characters were made or come back.

15 Make Wendy O. Koopa die

This is offensive

Best one

Proof that Toad fans have low IQ

16 Have Rosalina kill Waluigi

Toad fans, why can't they shut up for once!? - darthvadern

That's very OOC - ParkerFang

17 Have Daisy kill Pauline
18 Another new customizable partner

Loved the Yoshi in The Thousand Year Door and it would be awesome if it returned, or a new partner that is similar.

19 Make Waluigi die
20 Have Daisy kill Waluigi
21 Have Karel in the game so he can get killed
22 Have Peach kill Pauline
23 Have Rosalina kill Pauline
24 Return of Dimentio
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