Top Ten Ways to Make Paper Mario Return to Its Glory


The Top Ten

1 Get rid of all Toads

Why do you hate them? That is just a personal opinion, and it doesn't stop Toads from being allies of the Mario series' heroes.

Let there be more species variety pretty please, besides people hated them and thought they were boring. - WendyIsQueen

Better than Wendy and Waluigi - ToadF1

Oh look the little butthurt gay Toad fanboy is whining. Typical.

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2 Return the Rpg system

That's the most favorite way people love about the paper mario series. - WendyIsQueen

3 Return the partners

It makes no sense if paper mario doesn't have a variety of partners. No stickers allowed. - WendyIsQueen

4 Replace the kidnap Peach story

We get it she's useless, but there's more variety. Either she's not useless of scrap her out. - WendyIsQueen

5 Make Bowser the main character

A lot of people want him to have his own game so why not. - WendyIsQueen

6 Make a new villain instead of just Bowser

That way Bowser can be the hero or a side villain. - WendyIsQueen

7 Add Waluigi to the game

He's popular and fan favorite, his fans are really nice they deserve it and his unique personality will shine through. - WendyIsQueen

He's an overrated Gary Stu and hoe and he has the most toxic fandom

Waluigi is Filler - ToadF1

8 Let the Koopalings appear

In particular Wendy because she's the best. - WendyIsQueen

They all are hoes.

Wendy is a Hoe - ToadF1

If DCfnaf or Randomator Sees This one - ToadF1

9 Put it on the switch

Since the 3ds is on its way it out it makes more sense to put it on the switch. - WendyIsQueen

10 Make Daisy and Rosalina appear

Because they're not hoes

Okay? - ToadF1

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11 Announce it on the E3

For maximum exposure and so fans can regain the hype for this series. - WendyIsQueen

12 Return the original characters or make new ones

The lack of original characters is the flaw of recent titles (although it didn't stop me from enjoying the newer games) so I am guessing it will return to glory if more original characters were made or come back.

13 Another new customizable partner

Loved the Yoshi in The Thousand Year Door and it would be awesome if it returned, or a new partner that is similar.

14 Make Wendy the main girl

NO! - ToadF1

She a hoe

Yes please!

15 Make Wendy O. Koopa Die

Best one

16 Make Daisy the main character
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