Top 10 Ways to Make Somebody Mad

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1 When somebody tries to look at your computer or phone, turn it away so you act like you are hiding something

Dis this to my dad, he was disappointed

Don't look at their computer/phone then. - 3DG20

2 Poke them repeatedly

This is so much fun to do. - IpodSwagger

3 Follow them while making goat noises
4 Sing Ballroom Blitz over and over again

You won't annoy me; I love the song and the band. - PetSounds

5 Draw on their face, it doesn't matter if they're sleeping or not

It’s easier to do it while they’re asleep, but you have a better chance of getting your ass kicked if you do it to them while they’re awake. - 3DG20

6 Tell them they are not as cool as Batman

No ones as cool as Batman. - IpodSwagger

7 Eat their food
8 Pour sausages on them
9 Scream, "I DON'T LIKE SPAM" in their ear

Eh? - Userguy44

Call them on the phone, yell this, and hang up. And then you'll be called the spammer. - PositronWildhawk

It'd be funny if it was your mom

10 Ignore them

That drives them crazy when they can't get to you.

The Contenders

11 Break something of theirs

My parents are mad at me even if I broke MY OWN stuff...

12 Bully them

When my cousins were younger they would constantly annoy and taunt me and call me mean names and it really infuriates me.

13 When someone gives you their phone for you to look at a picture, slide left or right on their phone and look at their other pictures
14 Continuously ask 'Why?' over and over again

This is just bound to frustrate anyone. - IpodSwagger

15 Look at their computer history
16 Ignore their insults and mess with their minds
17 Play stupid
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