Top 10 Ways to Make Sure Your Lists or Comments Do Not Get Approved


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1 Makke szure thatt ur spelllings ar all hoppelesss

What du yui mein? Em I dooing ti write? - Misfire

It worked! - sadical

It says, make sure that your spelling are all hoploss.

I wel bee sur tu doo dat. Fank u. - RoseWeasley

2 Convert the following to English : #%@!*&^%$

Hashtag symbol, percent, at symbol, exclamation mark, asterisk, and symbol, arrow thingy, percent sign, dollar sign. - RoseWeasley

Hashtag, percent, social media at symbol thing, exclamation point, weird star thing, and, pointing up arrow thing, percent, dollar sign.

Is this supposed to be some sort of censorship for a curse word? Lol

Colon, number sign/hashtag, at, exclamation point, asterisk, and, caret, percent, dollar sign. - NightmareCinema

3 Write much non-grammatic sentence and stay a far away from the a grammar an rules

Me love TheTopTens. I hates grammar an rules much although. - RoseWeasley

Me loving top tens! Xifi - Murphypaw

You're the bomb! - yungstirjoey666

This be fun come me nazis - 3DG20

4 Be irrevelant book David Cameron likes minecraft abcd Japan Bugatti good haha huhu hehe ah my boy huhu the joys of irrevelance

Justin Bieber - RoseWeasley

I peed myself laughing when I read that. - TopTenTed

Hi I liek to watch movies oh I love star wars and marvel haha you should watch them haha and I like to go on thetoptens and my favorite color is red and my favorite actor is harrison ford because he is really good and funny haha also I don't like the color orange it is just not pleasing to my eyes I hate that color how are you doing by the way I am good what about you - TheFourthWorld

My favorite song is heaven in hiding I like falling off cliffs my 24th least favorite color is orange-red it's really ugly I'm eating candy did I tell you my username its lovefrombadlands how is your day going I'm bored looks like I got a message time to take a look at it bye peeps lolololol jk did you think I would leave anyway my 24th favorite song is haunting my by Halsey it’s ok but the album cover is lovely I went to Wisconsin Dells once it was fun there I almost died in the wave pool and I got stuck on a slide but it was the best like a bird nest

5 With all respect, don't be impolite, you damn fool.

I hope everybody in your family dies a painful death! I wanna throw my knife at you! - RoseWeasley

I hate you - Murphypaw

Your mum gae - yungstirjoey666

I hate you, you’re my least favorite person on Earth! I want to throw my house at you! - sadical

6 M. S. Y. W. E. I. V. S. F. (Make sure you write everything in vague short forms)

D. E. M. T. J. K.
Demented Elephants Meet TJ Kawaii - RoseWeasley

Mediocre sailing yellow wolf every icicles vase fast

I.D.L.P.W.A.M.M(I don't like people who aren't Marilyn Manson)

O.T. A. G. A. (Okay, that's a good advice.) - TheFourthWorld

7 Make evrythng low low low kwality bro oh yeah huh huh :)

I ulredy do that - 3DG20

I’m tree yeers old I mak coments on thetoptens if u ban me admin come at me bro - sadical

Hey peepol howz it going I'm a on hunred yeer old who maks coments, lists, an possts on the top tends. okey iv got a go noh by. - RoseWeasley

Hey there peps welkum to seezn 2 of my bad coment coment sounds like comment lol comment

8 Be repetitive. I repeat, be repetitive. Did you hear me right? I said BE repetitive. Be REPETITIVE. Okay? Got that? And so, I conclude with these words : Be repetitive

I'm Jerry. My name is Jerry. Did I say my name is Jerry? Yes, I did. But you can call me Jerry. - RoseWeasley

So lonely
So lonely

Hi - Murphypaw

Hey HezarioSeth, I see the point! Do you see it? Because I see the point! This is pretty good advice, I see the point! I will definitely not be repetitive because I see the point! No need to explain it to me guys, you know why? Because... I SEE THE POINT

9 Make a one word comment

Freddie. - Misfire

Okay. - RoseWeasley

Turquoise - sadical


10 Use all cuss words, and spell them out with no **

Them out with no **.

I put the word “f******” in one of my list descriptions one time. That’s the only warning I’ve ever gotten from Admin. - NightmareCinema

The Contenders



I ALREADY DO - Murphypaw

GOT IT - RoseWeasley


12 Copy ideas from others. Never try to make an original idea. You should copy ideas and make them as dull and drab as possible. I'm an expert at that. Never EVER try to be original, okay? Otherwise the site guys might get excited and might include the list.

This is surely an interesting list.
I am NotOriginal17 after all!
Meow I'm a cat - Misfire

Everyone love Murphypaw! - Murphypaw

Meow I'm a cat. - Murphypaw

This is surely an interesting list.
Everyone love Murphypaw!
Meow I'm a cat.
I am NotOriginal17 after all. - RoseWeasley

13 Spell out insanity owww & o q pfi g water fall but 5532 haa AAAAAAAAAGH

Insanity owww & o q pfi g water fall but 5532 haa AAAGH.
There. I spelt it out. - Misfire

Hmmph. Thanks for this sheer entertainment. - PositronWildhawk

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