Top Ten Ways to Make TheTopTens Awesome In 2016


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1 Make Awesome Lists

Well, that's pretty much hopeless almost. - Therandom

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2 Adding a Username Search

Just type their username into the url. Ex: - Songsta41

Yeah but wouldn't it be cool if there was a username search like the list search - Batmaniscole

3 Adding Awesome Features

A smidgen ambiguous there. - keycha1n

4 No Bullying

Do you mean no criticism for stunning displays of abject stupidity? If so, then status quo.

5 Better List Check On Duplicates

Sometimes it's the listmaker's fault and ordering of items and not the list title that makes the list look like a duplicate.

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6 More People Join TheTopTens

I would say about 100-200 weekly visitors are enough. If the site were as popular as youtube, with millions of users on at a time, Admin would've gotten so stressed out getting billions of messages each day, and having to wait 3 years for a list to get approved, and all the good users of today would be overshadowed.

I think we're good. - Therandom

If a user like Pewdiepie joined thetoptens, he would have at least 10x the followers of PositronWildhawk, but would be known as one of the most controversial toptenners to ever exist.

No. Just no.

7 More Goals/Achievements

Especially blog post achievements. We need this badly.

8 Having the Option to Comment Without Voting

This would be my #1. - Metal_Treasure

9 Having a Good Time Here
10 Stop Talking About Justin Bieber

We can talk about anything we want.

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11 Having a Username Change Option

Wouldn't that get a bit confusing? - icthruu

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12 Having a Chatroom

This would be such a cool idea, we could nominate TopTenners to be part-time monitors for the chatroom or something. - Wolftail

13 Less Trolling

*less troll feeding - Puga

14 Posting Dates on Comments

I want my comments to remain abstinent, thank you very much. - IronSabbathPriest

This will help you track if your opinions changed!

15 Be Allowed to Delete Lists
16 Don't Allow People to Comment Negatively About a Post

Well I would love like people to be honest so I can improve - Batmaniscole

17 Stop Whining About the Policy
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1. Adding a Username Search
2. Better List Check On Duplicates
3. More Goals/Achievements
1. Adding Awesome Features
2. Adding a Username Search
3. Stop Talking About Justin Bieber
1. Having the Option to Comment Without Voting
2. Better List Check On Duplicates
3. Make Awesome Lists

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