Top Ten Ways to Make Thomas & Friends Better

Ever since Andrew Brenner took over as head writer, the episodes, specials, and characters have gotten better, but what else could help the franchise become as good as it used to be? Any suggestions?

The Top Ten

1 Start adapting The Railway series again

It's not very hard.

2 Bring back Britt Allcroft

The creator of the television series, she'd know what to do.

3 Bring back all the old characters

Boco, Daisy, Donald, Douglas, Duke, Stepney even some of the very brief characters, like the diesel, Bertram, and The Flying Scottsman.

4 Release the director's cut of Thomas and the Magic Railroad

The box office failure is what ruined the series. If only PT Boomer wasn't cut out.

The original movie flop made Britt Allcroft quit her job, basically spinning T&F into a spiral of bad episodes

5 Get back the original composers

Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell, the men who wrote the songs and themes we all loved.

6 Have less merchandising characters

If they want any new characters, they should be from the Railway series.

7 Bring back the models

The CGI's okay, but they don't have the same charm.

8 Listen to the fans more
9 Accept that you're too old to be watching Thomas the Tank Engine now.

Every preschool show.

10 Have more human interaction

They did it with wooden dolls, it should be no problem with the animation.

The Contenders

11 Study the classic episodes
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