Top Ten Ways to Make the United States a Utopia

While I think most can agree that they love their country, as do I, you have to agree that our country isn't perfect. Here's some ways to improve it.

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21 Vote Straight-Ticket Democrat

This isn't supposed to be a party debate or anything about Trump or Clinton... I'm a Democrat but I don't vote straight ticket.


22 Provide Universal Health Care
23 Ban All Republicans

As a very liberal Democrat, I totally denounce this idea. This is the United States and people are entitled to their own opinion. If you ban all Republicans (or Democrats) you are taking away freedom of speech. One thing I would like to see is the equal time provision restored, where any media outlet has to include both points of view in any story. That way organizations like FOX News would have to provide air time for liberal points of view.

As modern spongebob said. More conflict isn't gonna make the U.S better - Yatagarasu

24 Give Corporations Less Power

Corporations control the government because they control the people in the government. You don't solve this problem by giving the rich big tax breaks so they can have even more money to go out and buy politicians.

Seriously, Corporations control the government. - lavashooter

25 Adopt Democratic Socialism

The wealthiest nation could be paradise if all is shared among their population and banning the private property.

26 Make Third Parties Viable Options

This will only be accomplished if ranked choice voting becomes much more common in the U.S. than it is now. The way things stand now, you can't afford to vote third party.

27 Raise the Minimum Wage
28 Get Rid of People Trying to Outlaw Guns

I get so sick of people trying to say Guns kill people. Sorry but guns don't kill anyone! People kill. If you outlaw guns then why would that be the 1 law a criminal is going to follow? They are criminals because they break the law. Sorry but I'm not taking the chance and praying the police get to my house in time to stop the maniac from killing raping or harming my family.

There have to be people trying to outlaw guns in the first place, right? Who are they? This is such a phony issue. The NRA and all its lackeys were screaming that Obama was going to take away everyone's guns. Well, it's 2017 and you still have your guns, don't you? This is a phony issue used by right wingers to get votes and it's a fundraising scam perpetrated by the NRA.

"Guns don't kill, people kill" and if you take guns away from those people, they can't shoot anyone. Also, the idea is that further security checks be done to make sure we are not just throwing guns all over the place. Unfortunately, because Republicans only care about themselves and their precious ammendment, and don't care about the people that suffer at the hands of guns. - GrimmShady

1. Its your second amendment right to own a gun
2. Taking guns away from a crime free citizen will have criminals running free with guns and everybody will have no self defense. - Yatagarasu

But if we implement common sense gun laws, the only people that have guns will be law abiding citizens. - GrimmShady

29 Make College Free

So we should all spend years in debt because the government wants us to "work". The entire reason that college exists is so that people can work. I understand the fear, but it is completely unfounded. - GrimmShady

Education is never a waste of time. I would love for public colleges to be free to certain income levels. I think part of the problem with the United States these days is a lack of education.

If you hand something to everyone on a silver platter, they're gonna take advantage of that and it will be a waste of time. You have to work for something like college - Yatagarasu

30 Ban Conversion Therapy
31 Ban Hillary Clinton

More like impeach and ban Donald Trump

32 Keep All Republicans

Locked up.

33 Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to the US
34 Adopt a Socialized Healthcare System
35 Lessen the Influence of Political Parties on Candidates

Candidates should be more willing to be individual and not talking robots for the 1 percent. - SteelCity99

Less about the party more about the individual

36 Fix the Inner Cities
37 Break Gender Norms
38 Force Gender Equality
39 Reduce the Federal Government
40 Ban Drugs
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