Top 10 Ways to Make the Worst Song Ever

The Mighty Balls:It's 2015 and the music hype is bombing and not all music are masterpiece that's why CG create this list

The Top Ten

1 Be repetitive

Baby, baby, baby, baby ohh..."my ears is burning! " - CerealGuy

2 Make a song about drugs

Like every Rap song ever recorded.

Coffeeman:I hate it -_- - CerealGuy

3 Use static sound as the main song

Ummm, you need to check out Lou Reed's album "Metal Machine Music", that's all it is for the entire album.

I hope it's not a creepypasta "Lavender Town music plays* - CerealGuy

4 Use a jump scream at the end
5 Use controversial content
6 Make a song with nothing, no lyrics, no music...

It's O.K. if the song has no lyrics, but no sound? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Make a song about lame things you do
8 Twerk In the Music Video

Be like Miley Cyrua or Nicki Minaj - Turkeyasylum

Fancy: First thing first I'm the realest -twerks-
Wrecking Ball: I'm caming like a wrecking ball -twerks and sticks tongue- -smash- - Princesssmooth

9 Make a song about sex
10 Discriminate against someone in the song

The Contenders

11 Make a song about butts
12 Make a Song That Encourages Bad Behavior In People
13 Make it have a horrifyingly bad melody
14 Write really bad lyrics
15 Make it racist

This should be #1, with "Make it sexist" #2. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

16 Make it sexist
17 Make a song about hangovers
18 Have it talk about really stupid and terrible ways to live your life
19 Have it be as offense as possible
20 Have a Really Annoying Voice
21 Bad Audio
22 Bad Vocals
23 Throw No Talent In It at All
24 Write the Dumbest Lyrics You Can Ever Imagine
25 Feature Justin Bieber On It

That would make things worse!

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