Top 10 Ways to Make You Sing Better

The Top Ten

1 Drink water

That's what I did but I haven't seen the process of making me sing better. - Kevinsidis

2 Drink ginger ale

My friend gave me a tip of having a funny voice but when I drink ginger ale I could see that it makes me sing better while I was listening to the radio on the vehicle unit. - Kevinsidis

3 Drink honey tea

Yes indeed! I heard it from some internet source or somewhere in real life that will make sing like a hollow star - Kevinsidis

4 Take a deep breath
5 Practice
6 Sing in falsetto with long and perfect note
7 Drink lemon tea

Drink it in a bottle - Kevinsidis

8 Record your own voice
9 Be in a choir
10 Move your mouth into a shape of a circle

To have a harmonious note. - Kevinsidis

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