Top 10 Ways to Make Your Parents Happy

The Top Ten

1 Clean up your room

So it won't be such a mess. - EpicJake

2 Call them cool
3 Give them what they need
4 Tell them you love them

I always say that to my mom! :3 - Userguy44

I told daddy I loved him and he just said “k”. :'( - 3DG20

5 Make them something to eat

I wish, but my mom won't let me cook

6 Tell them how awesome they are

Daddy just responded with “I know”. What a meanie! >:( - 3DG20

7 Call them young

It didn’t work. I called my dad 5 once and he beat me with a sledgehammer. (I’m kidding. That didn’t really happen) - 3DG20

8 Give them beer or wine

It works... Well, for a little bit, until they throw their beer bottle at you. - 3DG20

Not for me
In my religion alcoholic drinks are forbidden
Plus they don't like the affects of it

9 Study
10 Obey them

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11 Review your homework
12 Do not be greedy
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