Top Ten Ways to Make Yourself Happy When You're Sad

I'm not really sad that much I'm actually sick so I just made this for you guys since I am bored but please check out my other lists I have only made 2 so far before this and my first is called: best luka megurine songs and my second one is called: top ten best love songs my favorite artists Taylor swift also Katy perry and other. laugh out loud that's long but I don't know if I got it right but just scroll down. Byeee! Oh by the way. This quiz is for sick people and sad people and lazy people.

The Top Ten

1 Listen to music

Music helps me relieve stress

I find this helps me a lot when I'm down. - PositronWildhawk

2 Eat cheese
3 Watch a funny video, vines, take funny quizzes, or something else that makes you laugh!

Should be number 1!

4 Sleep (my sisters favorite thing)
5 Watch tv or a good movie with sprite and popcorn yummy.
6 Text your friends
7 Call someone over to have a sick party where you just sit around on the couch next to each other play video games watch tv watch a movie with some junk food and just talk to each other then have a no sick slumber party the next day
8 Sing your favorite song
9 Go hang out and have fun with your friends, if not, then go on the internet!
10 Sleep

The Contenders

11 Hold your breath and count to 10
12 Watch cartoons
13 Breathe
14 Smash a Nicki Minaj Album
15 Play video games
16 Say “boop” until you’re happy
17 Eat pizza
18 Talk to your waifu

They'll listen.

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