Why YouTube Rewind 2018 Sucked

I decided not to make this into a list because it felt more appropriate for someone else to do it. But I still feel like I should address the problems that were present within this year's YouTube Rewind. And my god, there are quite a number of things to talk about! So let's talk about why YouTube Rewind 2018 sucked.

If you know YouTube, you know how their gravitation towards "advertiser friendly" crap leaves small YouTubers in the dark, and that's been a complaint of some people for a while now. This year showed to be no exception to their ideology, as we ended up with all the most "advertiser friendly" YouTubers you could've gotten. Oh, and Will Smith. And whoever those talk show hosts were. Ironically, they went for advertiser friendly creators and then went their way to put "Dame Tu Cosita" in this Rewind. Did nobody in the writing room realize what this phrase translates to?

Unfortunately, the "advertiser friendly" bias, if you may call it, also affected larger creators as well. It's pretty obvious to see this come in play when PewDiePie had the misfortune of being left out once again. The whole Defy Media scandal also left other YouTubers in the dark as well, a prime example being Smosh. However, seeing as they tried going for less YouTubers in this year's Rewind (likely as a response to people complaining they could barely recognize anyone in the 2016 and 2017 Rewinds), what can you really say about it compared to other things?

So this year's theme was "Everyone Controls Rewind" where the people could put in what they wanted in this year's Rewind. However, what they put in remained completely predictable and nonsensically shallow. Plus the theme was clearly just another response to YouTube leaving out others' voices, as seen with the Logan Paul dead body controversy. If you're trying to tell us that you want our voices, then you'd have a lot more in this year's Rewind, would you not? This makes the things they left out much worse to deal with because of how much a double standard they have towards these kinds of things.

Aside from "Dame Tu Cosita" the things they included this year weren't too much to whine about. Except for that BS "shoutout" section. I'll get to that later. But as for the other things they included, as I said before, it was pretty predictable. That stupid In My Feelings Challenge, Fortnite, ASMR, Fortnite, Baby Shark (which even for a children's song is overly simplistic), and did I mention Fortnite? I can't say I'm disappointed, but I'm not happy about it either.

Okay, now for the shoutout section. As with last year, these guys tried REALLY hard to have some sort of segment dedicated to all the third world issues around us. However, this year's somehow managed to be much worse than last year's. Why? Well, shouting out "all the women in the world" first off. Look, you and I can agree that there have been and will continue to be women here that are corrupt, immoral, insane, etc. Not all women are inspiring. Those that stand up and bring peace/equality for BOTH sides are. But those that are so overconfident, so pandering, so illogical that the statements they make are as bad as how men treated women before, cannot ever be seen as an inspiration to everyone. Oh yeah, and shouting out "drag queens". It's not the 20th century, people are more open about who they are now. As for the rest, I guess it's great to address these things, but it'd be more fitting to have this segment at the END of the video rather than shoved straight in the middle.

So to wrap up, this year's Rewind sucked. Although they had some positive things, the negative really shined bright, and it's a shame to think this is where YouTube stands for all people on their platform.


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