Top 10 Ways Man Will Be Destroyed


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1 Virus

Advances in our ability to combat pathogens is a rapidly expanding field of study, and our abiliy to isolate the pathogen are two powerful allies in our never ending battle on this front. This, combined with a pathogens core need to keep its host alive, leads me to conclude that this is not a good candidate to totally wipe out humanity. I realize I may be in the minority here, and there is much we do not know. This much I do know, Viruses, Bacterum and Micro-organisms were here long before Man, and likely will be here long after, I'd like to think even these simple life forms have evolved to survive - Ned964

This is the most deadly because it could circle the earth in days. Killing Billions around the world. - westofohio

2 Nuclear War

There are those that believe that because the possibility exists of sterilization through nuclear weapons, that it will happen. For me, I guess I somehow believe (maybe naively) humanity would turn back when faced with this decision, to end, or not end life on Earth... Because this decision would almost certainly come down to Man, or Men, I guess it's up to each individual to ask themselves, "How much do you trust your own species? " - Ned964

Even though the Russians aren't a threat to us no more, There are plenty of countries to take it's place. - westofohio

3 Asteroid

This is inevitable. And the ability to destroy it, or alter it's trajectory, is presently the stuff of science fiction. That of course pertains to a incoming Asteroid, or Comet, with the size to be classified as a Earth killer. - Ned964

Asteroids are epic big stones if they crash or collide on the earth The World Could End, So be careful

This one that could kill us any day. We might only have weeks to destroy it. - westofohio

4 Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

A difficult area to predict a likely outcome. There is some debate that intelligence, in any form, will one day cross the threshold from measured reasoning to conjecture, or opinion. When, and if, that threshold is realized in this area, all bets are off... - Ned964

Stephen hawking said that soon A.I will dominate this globe and driven our tainted species to extinction and would be hellish - Kevinsidis

I would listen closely and carefully to anything Stephen Hawking says, personally... - Ned964

One day computers will slave the human race. - westofohio

5 Super Volcano

This, I'm afraid, is inevitable. Like other choices here, a Super Volcano eruption will happen, it truly is just a question of time. It is suggested that massive volcanic eruptions were a contributing factor to the Permian extinction event, which is also known as the Great Dying, which killed off an estimated 96% of all Marine life, and 70% of terrestrial life. - Ned964

This would change the would climate quick. And That isn't bad enough, There is one in "Yellowstone National Park". - westofohio

If the movie "SuperVolcano" taught me anything, it's that U.S.A. is dangerous. - booklover1

6 Global Warming

It would seem this is our most pressing and eminent danger. But in reality, I don't think enough is known of what to actually expect, as the Earth has heated, and cooled, many times. There is no debating our use of fossil fuels is a contributing factor to the current spike, but what if this cycle has a more natural origin? In any case, the Earth, given time, will be just fine. It's us, and all living creatures on Earth, that will suffer - Ned964

The earth is changing as we speak and the next 30-50 years won't be nice! - westofohio

7 Gamma Ray Burst

This may not happen for a million years. But when it does we will back. - westofohio

Possible? Yes. Likely? No. - Ned964

8 Black Hole

I Think A black hole will suddenly float over to earth and suck it in to nothing the nearest black hole is only 15.78 light years away compared to the nearest other planet that possibly has life on it which is 88.76 light years away.

If one expands nothing would escape. - westofohio

9 Change of Earth's Axis

Could you imagine Alaska in the tropics, it could become a reality - westofohio

10 Ice Age

Even though the planet is getting warming, it could still reverse it self! - westofohio

It very well could. It would be fascinating if I could be in a position to study these items, that would be my dream job. - Ned964

The Contenders

11 Starvation

Perhaps a more pressing item. There are too many people, and there is not enough food. - Ned964

12 The Sun Will Slowly Heat the Earth

Our Sun will slowly heat up, and eventually Earth will be uninhabitable. That's a sobering thought, but we have some time to work on solutions, for this one anyways. It would take hundreds of millions of years to happen naturally. - Ned964

13 Shifting of the Earths Poles
14 When the Moon Floats So Far It's No Longer With Us
15 Loss, or Deterioration of Earth's Magnetic Field

This could happen for any number of reasons, some of them listed here. It's results would be devastating, the Earth would be sterilized - Ned964

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