Top Ten Ways Mario Fans Can Be as Bad as Sonic's


The Top Ten

1 They insult people who don't like the games

I Mean:I Am Not a Mario Fan

I’m a HUGE Mario Fan, and I hate insulting others. I just try to tell them my side of thinking, but I gotta admit that I can be a tad over board LOL

2 They have a lot of shipping wars too

I don’t want to ship people by force, so I don’t participate in this stuff because it makes me feel bad to force Mario characters to be together

3 Daisy vs Rosalina war

I love all the princesses so I don’t join this war

4 Just like Cream, Toadette has porn as bad as hers

Alrighty then...

I know. I wish they would stop.

You know that R34 of children is illegal and wrong, okay?

5 They complain about new games and characters

Are you kidding? The new games are pretty good, and new characters aren’t so bad (unless they try to take all the spotlight, hate those types)

6 They have bad fanfics too

This is more opinion based, but both sides can have bad fanfics depending on what the readers think and say

7 Crack pairings

I don’t know what to say about this

8 Bullies Bullies

Camylesega is the worst!

There can be bullies for both sides, but I’m definitely not one because I hate bullying

9 They make Sonic hate art and complain about Mario hate art

I don’t make fan art so this doesn’t apply to me

10 There are Classic Mario fanbrats

This can be true, but I’m not a brat. If I was, I would be raging right now and trying to be all defensive

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11 They moan about Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

It's a good game, yet that bash the Rabbids even though the Mario gang is much more annoying.

I don’t like this game that much, but I don’t care for it anyway. So I don’t moan about it

12 They bash anyone who doesn't like the game even the terrible ones

I am a Mario fan but I admit their are terrible games like Hotel Mario, most educational ones too, and Paper Mario sticker star.

I don’t bash people, I just try to tell them my thinking. Everyone is allowed to express themselves and their thinking, but it’s different if you act super defensive and be like a complete jerk about it

13 They complain about Remakes and Ports

I don’t complain about remakes and ports, I just let things be

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