Top Ten Ways Melanie Martinez is Better Than Nicki Minaj

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Melanie Didn't Twerk

Actually... she did

! A Nicki and (insert person here) that I actually agree with.
And Melanie Martinez does twerk. - Luckys

Yes she does idiot. - RobertWisdom

Yes she did

Melanie is More Creative Than Nicki
Melanie's Songs are More Likable Than Nicki's Songs


Melanie's Voice is Better Than Nicki's Voice
Melanie Didn't Write the Songs Stupid Hoe and Anaconda
Melanie Has a Lot of Good Songs While Nicki Has Few Good Songs

Um, THE MAJORITY OF PINKPRINT? Though I agree with the list - ProPanda

Melanie Martinez Didn't Have a Fake Butt
Nicki's Music Videos are More Inappropriate Than Melanie's Music Videos
Melanie's Lyrics are Better Than Nicki's Lyrics

Her songs have deep meanings and stories. while nikki's is mostly about dirty stuff.

Melanie's Songs Make Sense

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Melanie Martinez is sexier than Nicki Minaj
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