Top Ten Ways Michael Jackson is Better Than Justin Bieber


The Top Ten

1 MJ was in a music group

It's 2016 and these lists are still being made. - Puga

Wasn't the other list existed? - BorisRule

2 MJ was friendlier to his fans


True! V true

3 Bieber smokes weed
4 Bieber's songs suck

Yeah mj songs from 1980 and 1990s are better than the bs justin bieber

5 Bieber has no talent
6 MJ created a dance
7 JB overdosed on drugs

Better re-think this particular item.

I think MJ overdosed, too. This argument is invalid.

Wrong person... - samanime

MJ too. - Userguy44

8 JB is a douche
9 MJ was famous because of his brothers
10 MJ is the King of Pop

The Contenders

11 MJ didn't have a crimal record

Better re-think this one too.

Michael never molested anyone plus he was acquitted. Whoever added this needs to stop smoking crack - bobbythebrony

12 Both had a pet monkey, MJ really loved his

Well duh! We all know what happened to JB's capuchin in Germany, and MJ regretted sending Bubbles the chimp away and actually made efforts to visit him.

13 MJ loved animals

So? What if Michael Jackson found animals to be at least okay? Justin Bieber used to hate animals nevertheless, but nowadays, the only major things I have against Justin Bieber nowadays are that he still yearns Jelena to still happen and his singing voice is still breathy/stoic. - The Ultimate Daredevil

14 MJ cared about the world
15 Michael Jackson is a better role model

Not really. I'm not defending JB though. - Userguy44

16 MJ has talent
17 MJ cared about his fans
18 MJ had a best selling album
19 JB is arrogant
20 MJ wanted to help people
21 MJ was a prodigy
22 Michael Jackson does not beat teenage girls up
23 Michael Jackson is sweeter than Justin Bieber.
24 His songs are better than Bieber's
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