Top Ten Ways Minecraft is Better Than Roblox


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1 Minecraft has better graphics

While blocky, yes. Minexraft does look better than Roblox. Minecraft actually has textures, unlike Roblox. Roblox graphics have little to no detail or texture at all. Roglox graphics are just discusting to look at. In Minecraft, you can have shaders that make your game look really good. While Roblox has no shaders but instead, badly rendered models that look like cheap garbage. Minecraft graphics look like they were rendered MUCH better than Roblox graphics.

Saying Minecraft is good is not good. - Therandom

Wait what - shawnmccaul22

One word. FALSE!

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2 Minecraft has an older community
3 Minecraft has fewer trolls
4 Minecraft is more realistic

Its about surviving not like roblox roblox is almost 89% role playing

No, it’s not. - MrCoolC

5 Minecraft isn't a pay-to-win game

Yeah. While Roblox is more "use in-game money to get perks in this game". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Roblox is a cash grab - WorldPuncher47592834

6 Minecraft servers are more advanced
7 Roblox games aren't original
8 Minecraft has better youtubers
9 Minecraft has command blocks and mods
10 Minecraft takes a lot of skill to master

Roblox too. - Userguy44

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11 Minecraft is more original

It's more original. Yes it does copy SOME games but it's a whole different concept. Roblox is some game to run out of ideas and take Slender The Eight Pages into Stop it Slender.

Minecraft:2009 - MrCoolC

No roblox is nobody really knows this but roblox came out 1997 it was called dynablocks back then - Xomanxy

12 Minecraft has almost no hashtags censors
13 Minecraft has music that actually makes you feel calm
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