Top Ten Ways Naughty Bear Is Similar to Jason Voorhees

The Top Ten
1 Both killers are outcasts

Naughty Bear doesn't wear a hockey mask, and Jason isn't a bear

But they always get their revenge - bobbythebrony

2 Both live in cabins in the woods

Hate. - RW700

3 Both hide in plain sight
4 Both have a machete as their signature weapon
5 Both kill everyone in the area

Jason doesn't kill everyone. Remember him in New York?

6 Both use axes sometimes
7 Both are antiheroes

Jason is a serial killer, not an anti-hero

8 Both sabotage vehicles
9 Both have a bad video game

I don't think it's a bad game and I do like it even though it's a little too repetitive. I just read that it was voted worst game of that year - bobbythebrony

My friend likes Naughty Bear, and it looks good to me, so how is it bad? - RalphBob

Naughty bear is not a bad game

10 Both can survive bullets

Yeah but not a grenade.

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