Top Ten Ways Naughty Bear Is Similar to Jason Voorhees

The Top Ten

1 Both killers are outcasts

Naughty Bear doesn't wear a hockey mask, and Jason isn't a bear

But they always get their revenge - bobbythebrony

2 Both live in cabins in the woods

Hate. - RW700

3 Both hide in plain sight
4 Both have a machete as their signature weapon
5 Both kill everyone in the area

Jason doesn't kill everyone. Remember him in New York?

6 Both use axes sometimes
7 Both are antiheroes

Jason is a serial killer, not an anti-hero - Cyberman

He is an antihero cause you can understand why he's doing it. He was basically murdered at 11 years old and witnessed his mom's death so you can sympathize with him and understand him. - bobbythebrony

8 Both sabotage vehicles
9 Both have a bad video game

I don't think it's a bad game and I do like it even though it's a little too repetitive. I just read that it was voted worst game of that year - bobbythebrony

My friend likes Naughty Bear, and it looks good to me, so how is it bad? - RalphBob

Naughty bear is not a bad game

10 Both can survive bullets

Yeah but not a grenade.

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