Top Ten Ways Negaishipping is Better Than Amourshipping in Pokemon

Amourshipping (ash/Serena) is so overrated, and I'll prove that by showing how the least popular ash/main girl ship, which is negaishipping (ash/Iris) is better!

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1 Had more of an actual 'date!' Had more of an actual 'date!'

And people say Ash and Iris weren't good friends geez... This is how a date should be like, both parts should have fun and Ash doesn't enjoy Serena's boring company. That's why he ran off


Serena was the one who kissed him, so what? That didn't make it canon. Just made it very apparent that Serena is a stupid who wants in ash's pants, & really we knew that from the start. Nothing amazing happened with amourshipping, it's still one-sided & not canon. Ash didn't even blush a little from the kiss, & I'll tell u a little secret, it looked as thought he found the kiss uncomfortable as he moved his foot like he wanted to get out of there.


They went to that one city where they ditched cilan and played sports, watched musicals, and helped an axew find his trainer! Ash left Serena once he figured out what he wanted to get his Pokemon. What a great date /rollseyes - person5000

Ash turned down an awesome offer to battle the subway master because he promised to spend the day with Iris alone! And what did he do on the 'date' with Serena? He blatantly ignored her most of the time and ran off. That proves Ash had more chemistry with Iris.
Later when Iris was taking care of the lonely Deino she was considerate of Ash's feelings by telling him and Cilan to go on without her. Ash instantly refuses and puts the gym battle on hold because he didn't want Iris to get left behind. When Serena asked Ash to help her with the pokevision video he didn't even seem interested and went to train with his pokemon instead.
Unlike the bond Ash and Iris shared, Ash and Serena seems kinda forced. Every time they talk it's 'amourshipping' with added sparkles and mushy stuff. I know the writers are pushing amourshipping but the development isn't believable.

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2 They don't mind hanging out alone together They don't mind hanging out alone together

Ash didn't want to help Serena for her first poke video and has never spent time alone with just Serena wanting to or without leaving her when they could've gotten their gifts together. With Iris he has had fun swinging on trees with her while cilan is away cooking. - person5000

3 They have better fights They have better fights

When has Iris pelted anything at ash? And ash has only thrown a pokeball at Iris because he thought she was a Pokemon. The only big argument ash & Iris had, they made up afterwords with gifts (apples & flowers). - person5000

4 Iris was actually the first to be asked by ash to join him on his journey Iris was actually the first to be asked by ash to join him on his journey

Why do people forget/ignore Iris? - person5000

5 Iris doesn't put ash on such a high pedestal Iris doesn't put ash on such a high pedestal

Serena views ash so highly that it's really pathetic. It's like she thinks ash can't be human at all or her 'ash-sama' isn't ash to her.

But Iris sees and appropriately points out her annoyances with ash, but not really in a rude or abusive way. While annoying, she just calls ash a kid. This helps ash grow, unlike Serena who I'd personally run from after almost being killed via snowball. - person5000

Iris criticises Satoshi because she wants to see him improve. Serena seems to think he's perfect in every way when he isn't. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Wow, this is a great list, person5000. - eventer51314

6 They had believable development on their friendship They had believable development on their friendship

Serena ran after ash because some stupid crush on ash even though she interacted with him for an hour maybe and where friends because she 'helped him win his first badge.'

Iris & ash took some time to get along, but after traveling around together they both found some common interest and soon where helping each other and cheering for each other. - person5000

7 Negaishipping would be more believable Negaishipping would be more believable

Amourshipping happening would seem as random as with Harry & Ginny happening from Harry Potter. Serena has the one-sided crush like Ginny, didn't really take interest or pay attention at all to her like Harry with Ginny, and would be as random as Harry & Ginny.

But ash & Iris got development, great friendship, and would go good together. - person5000

Iris and Ash act like 10 year olds should act, unlike Serena who literally worships him

Negaishipping is so underrated.
Also I don't hate Serena or anything, but Amourshipping is pretty much useless. - yungstirjoey666

8 Iris did some sort of cheer for ash & made cilan do it as well Iris did some sort of cheer for ash & made cilan do it as well

So far, Serena hasn't done something special like this for ash despite her crush on him. To help ash win his last badge though, Iris went out of her way to dress her and cilan up to cheer ash to victory. - person5000

9 Iris does more than blush at ash Iris does more than blush at ash

That's the majority of hints for Serena. Like we know she likes ash. It's confirmed. Why does every blush matter at this point from Serena?

However we got Iris showing interest by following him, her gaze in I believe ash's first gym battle, and ash showing more interest in Iris than he ever did with Serena by wanting to battle her and enjoy hanging out with her. - person5000

10 Iris is more deserving of ash than Serena Iris is more deserving of ash than Serena

Serena left home to chase after a boy... she barely even knows. How STUPID! Everyone should want so badly for her to be dumped on her @$$ by ash for being such a moron!

Word of advice: don't ever do something just to chase some guy/girl. Do it for YOURSELF! Good thing Iris knows this. - person5000

I ship Iris and Cilan - TwilightKitsune

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11 Iris would risk her life to save Ash

Even if they just met, Iris crossed the bridge of Sandiles to save Ash's life (BW003). Throughout the rest of the series Iris has attempted to run after Ash after he does reckless stunts, but is always held back by Cilan or other supporting casts (Movie 14 and during the N saga). Unlike Serena, Iris cares enough for Ash to put her life on stake. Serena let herself get brainwashed WILLINGLY because she didn't want her face to get messed up (XY episode 19) and put everyone's life in danger when she could help save her friends. Serena loves Ash, my foot. - Engel

12 Ash is more mature after his journey with Iris, then the one with Serena

This comment to reason this makes no sense because Dawn was also a good supportive friend that help Ash matured yet he became immature in BW after she left. This is the writers fault, not the characters. Though I agree, Serena didn't help Ash much. Also Ash didn't reset in Pokemon Sun and Moon. He's in a more laid back setting where he's not training as much as he should. He's more lackluster because he's not in the trainer mentality, he's in a student mentality, not that he became immature and stupid. - Rue

But yeah, this is mostly just the writers' fault. They don't really keep Pokemon consistent with the plot anyways. - yungstirjoey666

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13 Cilan supported Negaishipping

Cilan has said before that Ash and Iris make an interesting recipe together, and he enjoys seeing the two be together, despite the times that they fight. He actually encourages Negaishipping! I have never seen Clemont or Bonnie give out hints of supporting Amourshipping, instead we get #Bonnieknows where Bonnie basically discourages the idea of Serena hooking up with Ash because he will never understand her feelings. - IrisTheChampionKid

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