Top 10 Ways Nickelodeon Could Benefit from Cancelling Sanjay and Craig and Bringing Back Invader Zim

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1 Making more money

With cartoon fans tuning into cartoon network's shows to watch gumball, regular show, adventure time, etc...nick needs more than sponge Bob alone to bring the fans in, Sanjay and Craig, breadwinners, etc won't cut it.

2 More respect from fans
3 More creativity
4 Nostalgia purpose
5 More views
6 More parents could trust Nickelodeon
7 Higher ratings

Um, the reason Invader Zim was cancelled was because the ratings weren't high enough.

Well it's a cult classic (which means that it became popular after it ended.) - TailchaserFan10

Invader Zim is a million times better than Sanjey and Craig!

8 They could make a movie

Google invader zim the doom movie or YouTube it

Invader him should have gotten movie. - nintendofan126

I so want Invader Dib

I agree with Nintendofan126. - cosmo

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9 A bigger following by kids
10 More DVD sales

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11 More people besides little kids will watch the channel again

Isn't Nickelodeon for kids, though? - anonygirl

@anonygirl yes, but it would get more views, and more views = more money for nick

12 No more butt jokes
13 They'll be more liked
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