Top 10 Ways Nickelodeon Went Downhill

Nickelodeon used to be a good and exciting channel but over the years it slowly went downhill.

The Top Ten

1 They ran out of ideas

It's obvious by how unoriginal they've become. Any originality they used to have is gone.

2 They became lazy

This is also pretty obvious to notice.

3 No originality

Their shows have slowly gotten less and less original as the years have gone by.

4 Terrible scheduling

No explanation is needed to be honest, just look at the schedule yourself.

5 They're not even trying anymore

It seems like they gave up.

6 No creativity

This is something that's also not that hard to notice nowadays.

7 Green lighting bad shows/ concepts

Fred the Show and Bread Winners enough said...

8 Bad decisions

Lots and lots of bad decisions...

9 More focus on live action content then cartoons

From Henry Danger, Game Shakers, or even the Thunderman's it seem like they're more focused on those bad live action shows then actual cartoons which is how they got popular in the first place.

10 Too much focus was centered on Spongebob

Don't get me wrong Spongebob isn't bad but at a time it seemed to be the channel's equivalent to Teen Titans Go.

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